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Travel Essentials You NEED for Your Next Trip

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I have a huge obsession with travel essentials and packing for trips. Every time I go travelling, I always write a list of everything I need and look into getting any items for my trip prior to leaving— it is always one of the best parts of the traveling experience. From this prior experience, I have come up with a list of items that you should always bring on your trips and have separated them into the following categories: Tech, Organization, Skincare, and Miscellaneous.


  • Packing Cubes: Packing cubes are literally one of the most underrated inventions ever! Packing cubes are used to organize your clothes and other products as well as create more space in your suitcase.
  • Beauty Organizers: These bags are essential for me when travelling as it allows me to keep all my skincare items in one place.
  • Travel Wallet: Travel Wallets are great, particularly when flying to other countries as you can make sure to bring all your necessities (Passport, plane tickets, ID, etc.), while also leaving all the non-essential items at home!
  • Packing App: I always loved to create my packing lists digitally so that I always have it on hand. Packing is my favourite app for this as you can sort all of your items into categories and also add pre-travel To-Dos, such as appointments and household reminders.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest is a great app for researching and planning your travel itinerary! They have tons of planning lifehacks as well as destination ideas, and I love creating boards on Pinterest to help give me inspiration for planning future trips.


  • A Waterproof phone case: This is a good item to get when going anywhere with a beach or waterpark! It is essentially a bag that you can put your phone in with a lanyard attached to it so that you can take pictures wherever you are! A budget friendly option you could also do is use a Ziploc bag, but the waterproof phone case is always extra durable.
  • Bluetooth Earbuds: Whenever I go travelling, I love bringing my earbuds to listen to music, podcasts, or movies. Bluetooth earbuds are especially good for traveling as you don’t have to deal with tangled cords in your bag and they are able to be easily worn on the go!
  • Portable Charger: Portable chargers are also great when travelling as they allow you to be able to charge your phone wherever you are, allowing your battery to always be charged! Just remember to bring a charging cord so you can recharge it after a long day of activities.


  • A Moisturizer/SPF: Even when on vacation, having a simple and fast skin care routine is very important! To simplify my routine, I love to combine steps to still get my skin care in without taking up too much of my day. I would highly recommend purchasing a moisturizer that contains SPF as it will allow you to keep your skin hydrated and protect you from the sun! I specifically recommend the Fenty Skin Moisturizer, as I use that product every single day, but there are other affordable dupes out there.
  • Body conditioner: Body conditioners are another underrated item that I didn’t know I needed until last year. Body conditioners are body lotions that you put on while in the shower and then rinse off. That way your skin becomes extra soft, without having to wait for the stickiness to fade. They are great to use when travelling as they are just another way to keep your body fresh and hydrated, while also not taking up too much time. The Tingle body conditioner from Lush is an item I particularly recommend because it also gives off a cooling sensation when putting it on, which will help cool you down if visiting a country with hot temperatures.



  • Reusable Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is super important, ESPECIALLY on long flights or car rides. I love taking a reusable water bottle with me so that I don’t have to purchase water along the way. They are also eco-friendly, so you won’t be hurting the environment in the process.
  • A Travel Read: While I normally don’t read for the entirety of my trip, I love bringing books with me to read when I’m just hanging out and not necessarily doing any big itinerary events. Some books I recommend include: The Maze Runner, The Giver, or To All the Boys I Loved Before!
  • A really good travel playlist: Music is essential while on a plane or road trip! Always make sure to have a good playlist on hand (HC UWindsor has a great summer playlist you can check out below), and ensure it is downloaded so that you don’t waste data!

Now that you know my essentials, I hope you keep them in mind when planning your next trip!

Mya is a 3rd year student in the Communication, Media and Film program at UWindsor, and is the Co-Campus Correspondent, a social media team member, and a writer for UWindsor's HerCampus! Tech-wise, she loves graphic design, TV/film and social media marketing, which is why she plan to go into advertising! she also love watching movies and TV Shows, self-care, and spending time with friends!
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