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The top 10 best Christmas movies to watch during quarantine

The Top 10 Best Christmas Movies

’Tis the season to stay inside (for more than just coziness this year,obviously), and binge on Christmas classics. It is my favorite time of the year and my kids love Christmas movie nights, so I thought I would share my favorites. Tip: be extra trendy and grab some hot cocoa bombs and make sure you put the pictures up on Instagram! 

Here are my top 10 Christmas movies:

  1. My number one hands down is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It’s just not Christmas without it. Every year when we cut down our Christmas tree, I channel my inner Clark Griswald and we set out on a grand adventure to find the perfect one! Although Christmas gatherings will be smaller and quieter this year due to Covid, I still consider my family the jolliest bunch of (bleeps) on this side of the nuthouse. 


  1. A Christmas Story comes in at second place—who doesn’t love a giant leg lamp and a pink bunny suit? I seriously love how real this movie is, it really shows that having a family and the stress of the holidays isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I think there is a little Ralphie within all of us.


  1. The nostalgia pulls at my heartstrings whenever I watche A Charlie Brown Christmas. When I watch this movie, I can’t help but think of all the memories with my parents cozying up to this movie. Enjoying the sights of our extremely over-tinseled tree and the coloured incandescent string lights on the tree that I am sure were a huge fire hazard… Ah... the good ol’ days.


  1. This one you might not know, it is a lesser known gem– it hails from 1993. It’s called Christopher the Christmas Tree, and the moral of the story is, you can’t judge a book by its cover, and just because you’re different doesn’t mean you can’t love & be loved. And who doesn’t need to hear that? Classic.


  1. Don’t be a cottonheaded ninny muggins—Elf comes in at number 5. It’s just such an enjoyable movie. It is a movie that is a must-watch every year, you just can’t help but be in a better mood afterwards. Actually, I watched it the other night and my mood was almost instantly boosted. I don’t think I could watch Will Ferrell in a serious movie role though. He is so funny; he doesn’t even have to do anything to make me laugh. All I want to do now though is make my living room a crazy winter wonderland north pole! One year… 


  1. This might be surprising and my mom would be disappointed to know that I prefer Frosty Returns over the original. A few years ago, I put the movie on and my husband had never even seen it. I don’t think it was nearly as popular, and I get it, it isn’t the classic and it is a little silly, but for some reason, I love it. The message is good in this one too, as it tackles environmentally friendly products and the little kids in the movie save the environment, the town, and Frosty. They’re heroes! 


  1. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal, and a happy new year too! Honestly, I love both Home Alone one and two, but to me, they’re a packaged deal. I always need to watch the second one right after the first. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, but it is a must. Although, I don’t think our first thought during a home invasion should be “What would Kevin do?”


  1. Next is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I think the nostalgia hits me with this one too. The animation is awful, Santa is a real jerk, and the whole movie is based around bullying, but I still love it. There is a happy ending at least, and I try to make it a teachable moment for my kids – you can be different, but be proud of who you are. Regardless, it isn’t Christmas if you don’t watch Rudolph. 


  1. Thumpity thump thump, thumpity thump thump, look at Frosty go! It’s the songs in Frosty the Snowman that make this a favourite for me, as they’re stuck in my head all year long. Ridiculous but catchy. I never understood though why none of the girls in the movie are wearing pants when it is freezing outside?! 


  1.  Last but not least, Bad Santa! This one is super vulgar but so hilarious. Billy Bob Thorton is kind of cute, no? Hmm... just me? 


That’s my list – what’s yours? Let us know in the comments what your must-watch Christmas movies are! Happy watching!


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