The Three Best Movies to Heal Your Broken Heart

Everybody knows the feeling; waking up one morning with a twisted gut, realizing the person who was once such a large part of your life is now gone. No matter what the cause, breakups are hard for everyone and it can often be difficult to rebuild your life when such a large part has gone missing. Anyone who has suffered heartbreak may tell you that time is the only true remedy, although sometimes a simple feel-good movie can also do the trick for getting through these times. From personal experience, the best movies to heal a broken heart are as follows:


1.     Forgetting Sarah Marshall

For those who have not seen this movie starring Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, and Mila Kunis among others, it should definitely be added to your must-watch list. Protagonist Peter Bretter gets dumped by his long-time girlfriend and decides to take a trip to Hawaii as a pick-me-up. But luck has it that his ex and her new boyfriend are also vacationing at the same resort, and drama ensues. This romantic comedy is sure to give you a laugh when it’s needed most and show you firsthand how much better single life can be.

2.     Crazy Stupid Love

Another romantic comedy sure to leave you feeling better is Crazy Stupid Love, starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. This movie is a unique take on the genre, focusing around a newly-single dad and his adventures trying to get back into the realm of dating. Several plot twists later, the characters are each in happier places than at the start of the movie even though no one could’ve guessed their fates. Crazy Stupid Love will give you a renewed sense of hope on the topic of love and really, what Ryan Gosling movie isn’t a must-see?

3.     Letters to Juliet

The final movie that is sure to improve your breakup blues is Letters to Juliet, starring Amanda Seyfried. A young woman takes a “honeymoon” trip with her fiancé but realizes what a mistake marrying him would be. Instead of wasting time with him, she embarks on a journey with two unlikely counterparts and as a result, she finally discovers her true self. This movie is a great example of how good some alone time can be, and how important it is to know yourself before getting serious with someone else. Anyone who is struggling with being alone or gaining independence should watch Letters to Juliet for some inspiration and laughs all in one.


Being single can be one of the most freeing and enjoyable times of your life (or so I’ve been told), if you know how to do it. Changing your routine and staying busy are both important factors in the healing process, but these movies can also help anyone who is struggling through a dose of heartache.