Thoughts While Watching the Super Bowl

Sunday night was one the biggest  TV events of the  year, the Super Bowl. We know that every year many people come together to watch the Super Bowl. Some are football fans, others are there for the commercials and great food. This year was the New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons. The game had  ups and downs, exciting plays and boring quarters, but overall was fairly exciting and interesting to watch. Here are some thoughts on the game from a football fan vs. a non football fan.



First Quarter Thoughts of a Football Fan


-I think -insert team you think will win here- will win due to their record, star players, coaches, ability, etc.

-Okay, this is starting out kind of slow, but they’re bound to start making some big plays.

-End of the first quarter, 0-0, the defenses have been at their best in this quarter.


First Quarter Thoughts of a Non Football Fan


-What kind of super bowl snacks do we have?

-Picks a random team to win based on colour of uniform or hotness of the quarterback.

-The score is 0-0? That’s boring.


Second Quarter Thoughts of a Football Fan


-If New England didn’t make the mistake of fumbling the ball, they would be in the lead.

-The Falcons defense is killing it, the offense seemed to wake up a bit, and the team has been able to get three touchdowns giving them a score of 21 points.

-No team has ever been able to come back and win when they’ve been down 21 points in the Super Bowl.


Second Quarter Thoughts of a Non Football Fan


-When is halftime?

-Oh they got a touchdown, and another one, and another one.

-The quarter ends 21-3 falcons? Even if I like the Patriots before, now I’m rooting for the Falcons.


Third Quarter Thoughts of a Football Fan


-There’s still time for New England to come back, the Falcons just need to stay focussed if they want to hold on to their lead.

-The Patriots are starting to scramble, that missed extra point after the touchdown could really cost them, as well as that failed attempt of an onside kick.

-28-9 to end the third quarter. Fourth quarter comebacks can happen, but if Atlanta keeps playing the way they have been they’ll be able to win it.


Third Quarter Thoughts of a Non Football Fan


-Oh they got another touchdown.

-Patriots got a touchdown, maybe I will root for them again.

-Are there any chips left?


Fourth Quarter/Overtime Thoughts of a Football Fan


-New England is making a comeback, that catch was amazing, maybe they can win this.

-Overtime has never happened in a Super Bowl before but it’s about to today.

-Atlanta is showing that they’re a team not used to the Super Bowl and making last minute mistakes that are costing them the game.

-New England wins, making this Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl, better luck next year Atlanta


Fourth Quarter/Overtime Thoughts of a Non Football Fan


-Oh, New England is actually doing something now.

-Where did Atlanta go?

-Overtime… cool.

-New England Won, I wanted them to win all along!