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Thoughts of a Third Year Student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

1. I’m so happy that I’m halfway through my degree.

2. I’m only halfway done?

3. I wonder if anything on campus will change this year… Probably not.

4. What classes can I skip this year?

5. Wow, the classes got smaller.

6. You would think that I have budgeting and time management down by now.. I don’t.

7. Is there a reason why the books got more expensive?

8. At least I know all my teachers by now.

9. And I finally have friends in all of my classes.

10. Will people stop asking me what I want to do after school? I have two years to decide.

11. Half of my friends are on exchanges in Europe… Why am I not in Europe?

12. How long will working a minimum wage job take me to pay off my student loans?

13. Maybe I’ll move out of my parents house this year… but probably not.

14. I no longer care if my outfit, hair, and makeup are on point when I’m in classes.

15. All my electives and easy classes are now over. Time to focus on my major.

16. Should I have a minor?

17. Maybe I should be a teacher.

18. Gotta start preparing for the LSAT, MCAT, etc.

19.Maybe I should just be a dog walker instead.

20. If I finished this much of my undergrad, I can finish the rest.


Hi everyone, my name is Sadie and I am a third year student studying Sociology. My hobbies include reading, writing, horseback riding, and eating sushi with friends.
Alanna Keren

UWindsor '20

Alanna is currently a 1st year student at the University of Windsor pursuing a degree in Education. She graduated from the University of WIndsor with double major in English and French in 2018. She was Co-CC/Editior in Chief of HCUWindsor from 2015-2018 and is now the Tresaurer and Guidance Counsellor. She is a figure skater and loves to get in some extra ice time in her free time. Her favourite animal is a polar bear and her favourite colour is purple. She love sparkles. Her clothing style is girly and kind of dressy. Sparkly make-up and big earrings are a big part of her look. When she is not doing homework, working at her job at Tootsies Shoe Store, coaching figure skating, or writing for Her Campus, she likes decorating cakes and cupcakes and hanging out with friends.