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The Best Places for Home Décor Shopping This Holiday Season

One of my favourite things to do in my spare time is shop for home décor to decorate my space and add unique touches. It helps me feel calm, brings positivity and motivation into the space where I spend most of my time, and allows me to fall in love with my home even more. I also love to shop smart, affordably, and uniquely, so these are some of my favourite places to find it all!

  1. HomeSense
    1. HomeSense offers a wide array of nice-quality and affordable décor from furniture to bathroom accessories, kitchen accessories, and much, much more. A lot of the pieces are unique and can only be purchased on a first come-first serve basis. I absolutely love the mirrors at HomeSense (they have so many, and you can never go wrong)! There are also a lot of organizational and desk accessories at cheap prices, in case you were interested in desk organization as well!
  2. Ikea
    1. Ikea has very affordable, trendy, and simple pieces for your home. At very good prices, you can find pretty much EVERYTHING. If I’m unable to go to their store in Etobicoke, Ontario (my favourite location), I’m most definitely shopping online. From big purchases required in renovations, such as cabinets, to decoration pieces, frames, kitchen utensils, plants, and furniture, they have it all—literally.
  3. Structube
    1. Structube sells sleek and trendy furniture marked at good prices. Although I haven’t shopped here very much, I love the style. My mom and I picked out a few nice bar stools from here and were not disappointed with the quality! They also have minimalist paintings on large canvases at incredibly good prices if you’re looking to decorate some wall space.
  4. Bombay Company
    1. Quality décor with a royal feel describes Bombay Company best. They have incredibly different pieces of many kinds with custom touches and high quality. The packaging itself gets you excited when you order!
  5. Wayfair
    1. Affordable décor and fast shipping describes Wayfair best. You can find many, many things at good prices at your fingertips. Although I’ve barely used Wayfair, I have many friends who enjoy the convenience, pricing, and durability of their products. The QAnon conspiracy from June 2020 claiming that Wayfair’s expensive cabinets had kids hidden in them as part of a so-called child trafficking ring were proven to be unfounded, so you can shop here without fear.

I hope this gives you all some inspiration for some of the many places to shop décor! Do you have anything to add to the list? Let us know by leaving a comment on our social media or emailing us at hc.uwindsor@hercampus.com!

Gauri Kumar

UWindsor '24

A dedicated, enthusiastic and driven Nursing Student at the University of Windsor with a passion for providing support and quality health care to our community. In her free time, she enjoys finding opportunities to support others, get involved, and take on challenges. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out!
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