Taking Breaks From Schoolwork: How to Recharge and Refresh

With school being fully online this past year, I’ve found myself getting more drained after a long day of classes. Now that exams are coming up, we’ll be on our computers until late hours into the night, trying to cram study or finish up those last end-of-term papers. While we may be pushing ourselves to get them done, it is important to stop and take breaks, giving ourselves time to relax and refresh. Personally, I’ve had to adapt different ways for me to refresh since I’m cramped in my room for long hours, and these are just a few of the helpful ways I’ve found work the best.

  1. Taking a Warm Bath or Shower

I find that these are the best after a long day of school. These are the perfect way to soak and relax, letting all your worries go for the time. To make them better, I’ll usually use a bath bomb, bath salts, or a face mask (these are for in the tub), or a shower steamer. If in the tub, I’ll bring a book with me, or if I’m in the shower, I’ll bring a portable speaker and play some music. 

2. Brain Breaks

I’ve found that these are SUPER helpful, especially if you have been sitting in one place for a while. During brain breaks, you step away from your computer to give yourself a little break. I often do basic stretches during this time, such as arm stretches, lunges, or leg stretches just to get myself moving. You don’t realize how stiff your joints get until you try to move after back-to-back classes.

3. Go for a Walk

Because I live in a small town, I’m often able to go for a walk to the mailbox, which is usually just 5-minutes. This allows me to get out of my house and have different scenery. This may be a bit difficult if you’re from an area that has a larger population, but even just walks up and down the stairs to get yourself moving is the perfect way to refresh your brain. 

4. Stop and Listen to a Podcast

I find this helpful when my eyes need a break. There are so many podcasts available, some shorter than others, and they span a variety of content, so really there is something for everyone. By listening to these, I find that I have time to rest my eyes, and I’m also learning about things I’m interested in. My personal favourites are My Favourite Murder, And That’s Why We Drink, and The Magnus Archives (if you couldn’t tell, I love listening to a good scare).


What are some ways that you recharge and refresh after a long day of writing papers or studying for exams? Let us know below!