Spring Bucket List

Even though it doesn’t feel like it right now, Spring is upon us. Some people love spring, it’s when the flowers start to bloom, the birds are out chirping, all the snow (hopefully) stops falling, and the weather is warm and sunny. However, there are those who aren’t a fan of the rainy days, and prefer snow to the warm weather. Whatever your stance on Spring is, make the most of the season, school is almost done and that’s always a plus. Here are ten things that your Spring bucket list must include!


1. Have a Picnic

Pick a nice, sunny, warm day, gather up your friends and go have a picnic in the park. This is a simple, low cost activity, have everyone bring snack foods, grab a blanket and have a picnic. Windsor has many great parks including the riverfront parks that are the perfect spot for your Spring day picnic.


2. Train for and Run a 5K

Since the weather is warming up and snow season should be over, it’s the perfect time to get outside and start running. There’s plenty of 5k’s in the Spring in Summer that often go towards great charities. You’d be helping out a great cause and getting in shape. This is also something fun that you can plan to do with a friend or family member.




3. Decorate Easter Eggs

Spring is the season of Easter, and everyone knows the best part about Easter other than the chocolate is getting together to decorate Easter Eggs. You’re never too old to paint eggs with your family or friends and this is a great Spring activity to do when the weather isn’t the best for being outside.





4. Start Planting Your Garden

Spring means flowers, and flowers mean planting a garden. Whether it’s your whole front yard garden or just a pot with a few colourful plants, flowers can brighten up anyone’s day, and picking out the seeds and planting the flowers is half the fun. Then you just have to water them and wait until they bloom!



5. Go Bird Watching

Winter is over and all the birds are starting to migrate back from the South. There are many places around Essex-county to bird watch, including Ojibway and Point Pelee. Sometimes all you need is a break from your busy life and to go out into nature. Personally, bird watching is one of my favourite Spring activities.




6. Go to a Baseball Game

Spring means that baseball is back! Baseball isn’t a sport for everyone, but there’s something about going to a game on a sunny day, eating peanuts, and cheering for your team that never gets old. A lot of people look forward to Spring because of baseball season and even if you’re not a huge fan, try going to a game some time.



7. Host or Participate in an Easter Egg Hunt

Another fun Spring/Easter tradition would have to be the Easter egg hunt. As a kid, I loved searching for chocolate eggs either inside or outside depending on the weather, and eating all the chocolate that came with it after. No one said the tradition has to end at a certain age. Gather up your friends and plan an Easter egg hunt in a park or around your house, I guarantee that no one will object.



8. Have a Bonfire

Spring is actually a pretty good time to have a bonfire, it’s not too cold, or too hot, the bugs aren’t that bad yet, and it’s a great way to celebrate exams being over in April. This is also the perfect chance to have your first s’more of the year.



9. Enjoy the Rain

We all snow that Spring equals a lot of rain, after all, April showers brings May flowers. Instead of letting the rain bring you down, try to enjoy it and make the most of it. Some find the rain really calming and others have no problem going out and dancing in the rain. Whatever you do, don’t let it ruin Spring for you.


10. Spend Time With Friends and Family

The year is very busy, take time this Spring, once exams are finished and before you get into summer school, working full time, or traveling this summer, to see the people you care about. Even if you only have a few free days, make dinner plans with your parents, go for ice cream with your friends and just don’t forget to have fun and make the time to treat yourself.Spring can’t come fast enough!



These are some great things to look forward to in the coming weeks! We’ve almost made it! Now winter just needs to let go.