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It’s that time of year again, folks! I should have realized it when the pumpkin spice latte made its grand seasonal entrance, but somehow, it snuck up on me anyway. A couple of weeks passed, and the next clue slipped into my social media feed- all of the apple orchard and pumpkin patch pictures, but I didn’t think twice about it. As the temperature dropped and the leaves started their colouful transformation, the final piece of evidence came nearly full swing.

I was scrolling on TikTok and I almost swiped past it, and then came another video, and another. Before I knew it, it wasn’t just TikTok. I was getting them on Instagram too, but I didn’t connect the dots yet.

Then, it hit me like a ton of bricks when my tried-and-true Pinterest account gave it away. There, in the corner of my feed, it stared at me, waiting for me to put the pieces together. Let me tell you, when I read the magic words soup recipe, it all clicked.

Ladies and gentleman, soup season is finally here.

So what exactly is soup season?

Soup season is the time of the year where hot, hearty foods and meals become a lot more common to enjoy, with soup being one of the easiest things to make and eat. For some, soup season may start during a particular week or month. For others, they may wait until the temperature has dropped to a certain degree. All I know is that when Fall comes, and temperature drops, it’s soup o’clock. Soup is one of those foods that just keeps your body warm all day, which is probably why I associate it with feeling better. I don’t know who was the first to coin the term “soup season” but I thank the person who did. As an avid soup lover, I love the excuse to cook up a big pot and savour the meal for lunch and dinner all week long.

Can I only eat soup during soup season?

Of course not! I think you should enjoy soup whenever your heart desires! There is nothing wrong with some good ol’ chicken noodle in the spring or summer if that is what you’re craving. Additionally, please do not limit yourself to just soup during soup season. There are countless incredible dishes that just radiate fall and winter, and they need to be enjoyed too!

How do I celebrate soup season?

The simplest and best thing to do is make and devour soup! Frankly, it doesn’t matter if it is store-bought or homemade, as long as you have a delicious bowl, I’m sure it’ll count as celebrating. Now this may be controversial, but I totally think soup does not need to strictly be soup. Stews, chowders, and bisk are all fair game.

What if I don’t know what to make?

Fear not! If you aren’t sure of what kind of soup to make, consider checking out these recipes!

First up, lasagna soup is something I only discovered last year, but it quickly became one of my favourite soups. I really like Traci Antonovich’s recipe on The Kitchen Girl. It is super delicious, and you can customize it to your pallet by adding different spices, cheeses, and even putting in some vegetables.

Then there’s the classic cream of mushroom soup.There is something truly special about homemade soup, but canned condensed soup can work just as well! If you want to make it yourself, it’s as easy as adding your cooked ingredients into a pot and blending it all together. Though, I’d recommend using a recipe!  

The best part about making soup is you can practically add anything you’d like into it. There is no proper name, but I like to call it “everything soup”. Just as the name suggests, you create an everything soup by just adding what you’d like into a pot and letting it work its magic. Throw in those four half-used bags of pasta, grab those vegetables that aren’t in their prime, and toss in any protein you find in your freezer. On days where you don’t know what to make for dinner, anything soup related has your back.

Liv Brannagan

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Hi I'm Liv! I am currently studying Forensic Science at the University of Windsor. I love being outside, going on hikes, kayaking, rowing, and goodness I could just go on and on. I am often listening to music, listening to a good podcast, watching a film, or talking (arguing) about any one of those!