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Short Guy Problems


            I’m 5’8, so I’m not THAT short. Okay, I’m 5’7 and a half. Fine I’m 5’6, and you know what, I don’t mind. These are just some of the problems I come across with my height… sigh…

1.     The crumpling on your pants



           You ever feel so good about yourself because of your outfit? I have, only for it to be ruined by the unsightly bunching up of my jeans on my ankle. It may not seem like huge problem, but it’s still annoying. Did I mention that it’s unsightly?


2.     Having friends over 6 feet



            Chances are, you have friends that are taller than you. That is perfectly fine-but, when you’re my height and you have friends that are over 6 feet, neck pain is a common thing.  Having to always look up while having casual conversation is painful and awkward.


3.     Taller women



         In reality, there is nothing wrong with the man being shorter than the woman. Society, on the other hand, portrays couples as having a taller man than the woman: it is the social norm. Even though there is nothing wrong with a taller woman, even I find myself thinking it is odd when I see short guys with taller girls. I wonder how women feel being with shorter men?



4.     Tall chairs are the enemy



            As a shorter individual (5’8…OKAY 5’6), I hate seeing stools because they’re taller than the usual chairs I sit on. Some stools have that little climber, and I can’t even reach those sometimes! It’s quite uncomfortable.


5.     “When he’s over 6ft” posts



These are just insulting. Period.

                After reading from a guy’s perspective, who do you guys think have it worse, short girls or short guys? Leave a comment below and let us know! 

Paulo is a first-year English Major from the University of Windsor. He graduated from Vincent Massey Secondary School, and will always be a proud Mustang. 
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