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Romantising my Life as a Commuter University Student

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

Life as a commuter student can be exhausting. The first few weeks of commuting consisted of me trying different routes to get to my university to find out which one was the quickest, finding  parking then finding my buildings hoping that I wouldn’t  get lost. As the weeks went on, the sound of my alarm became   exhausting and I dreaded it. However, changing my mindset as a commuter student made my university experience exciting. Here’s how I did it.

Downloaded/ created new playlists every week.

On Spotify, there is a feature which is called discover weekly. Having new music to listen to while driving made the drive more pleasant and boosted my serotonin. Recently, I have been listening to podcasts to change it up while driving. Driving the same route to university can be boring but new music allows for new favourite songs and dancing in the car.

The process of getting ready in the mornings

Hearing my alarm going off in the morning can be exhausting. When all you want is the extra hour of sleep and in my case staying in my warm cozy bed. Instead of resisting the urge of getting out of bed,  it has helped me to do  my hair in the morning. Recently, I have been trying new TikTok hairstyles. Accounts I like to look at for hairstyles include @kennedy.powers and @emiliekiser on TikTok.  Doing my hair makes me feel productive and increases my serotonin for the day.

I have been loving this hairstyle recently from @kennedy.powers on Tiktok!


I also like to plan out my outfits the night before. If I do this, I am not worrying about what to wear which leads me to be late for school. I find a lot of casual outfit inspirations from Pinterest!

Making my bed in the morning and opening my blinds

The first thing I do after turning off my alarm is open my blinds and make my bed. Something so simple as making my bed in the morning before school makes me feel productive and ready to start my day. When it is a nice day out, seeing the sunshine after opening my blinds helps improve my mood.

Making matcha in the morning and making breakfast.

Before school in the mornings, I like to make something for breakfast. Recently it has been an iced matcha latte and a cream cheese bagel. Despite waking up a little earlier in the morning I like to sit down before leaving to eat a good breakfast. Better yet I am also saving money by not going to get Tim Hortons/ Starbucks in the morning.

My matcha recipe I have been loving recently!


Getting involved in your university/ college student centre.

As a commuter student getting caught up in the loop of  leaving for school, attending school, and then leaving removes new experiences and opportunities. Here, at my university, there is a student centre with new activities and events always going on. Recently, I attended a wellness activity where there were face masks and crafts. Meeting new people through activities has been fun and makes me feel involved with my university.

Changing my study space

Changing up my study space has impacted my studying habits so much. Studying in the same place for too long has increased my boredom and not reached my maximum study potential. Exploring different study places around campus has allowed me to explore new buildings and improve my study space. Recently I have discovered study spaces that are open and provide natural light and they have quickly  become a favourite of mine.

Hi everyone, Madison Traquair (Maddy) is one of the writers here at Her Campus UWindsor. Maddy is responsible for writing biweekly articles for her chapter. Prior to joining HC, Maddy was (and still is) a full-time student studying at the University of Windsor.Maddy loves to write about her life as a student, selfcare, movies, and entertainment. Maddy is also involved with the psychology student’s association (PSA). In the PSA, Maddy is the financial coordinator, meaning that she is responsible for direct deposits and the club’s money management/ funds. Beyond Her Campus involvement, Maddy works in landscaping and nannying children. She loves to devote her time towards helping children and putting a smile on their faces. Currently, Maddy is a senior at the University of Windsor, studying full time honours sociology with a minor in psychology and geography. In her free time, Maddy loves being outside and staying active. She loves spending her free time rollerblading, running, and going to the gym. Maddy also has an artistic side. She loves to paint and draw, specifically fashion designs. Maddy also likes to prioritize her mental health by doing selfcare. You can find Maddy around being a social butterfly, always meeting new people and hanging out with her friends. Maddy is always down for stepping out of her comfort zone and trying new things.