The Reality of When Your Best Friend Gets a Boyfriend

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we're all excited and happy when our best friend becomes official with that boy they've had their eye on for a long time. But there's a few things that friends learn when their best friends gets a boyfriend.

1. They Are No Longer the “Go-To” Person

               You and your best friend used to tell each other everything, something happened, good, bad, or just funny. They are your go to person and you used to be theirs, but now, they go to their boyfriend. You still want to invite them to everything, but when they have things come up, they want to invite their boyfriend.

2.  You Will Get Ditched

               Even if your friend says, "I will never ditch plans with you to see him", they almost always will. The first few times you might get mad, but you get used to it after a while. Your friend isn't doing this on purpose, but they probably feel like you will always be there even if they cancel a plan here or there.

3. You Become the Ultimate Third Wheel

               Your friend will most likely want to include both of you in plans, which will likely result in you third wheeling. You may go to dinner, movies, and out to a bar/club with them. Some people may like this some may not, so it's important that you let your friend know that sometimes you want it to just be you and her.

4. When They Fight, They Will Forgive Them, and You Will Not

               No one hurts your best friend. When her and her boyfriend get in fights, you are sure to hear all about them. This will make you form an opinion against him and when your friend forgives him you might still hold it against him. She is much more likely to forgive him than you are, and you should both understand this.

5. She Will Try to Set You Up With His Friends

               Say no; always say no to this set up. She will want you to find a boyfriend as well, and she would think that it's so fun to set you up with her boyfriend's friends. This will most likely never end well. If they break up first, this may put you in an awkward position of dating your best friend's ex's friend. Or if you or the friend don't like each other this could also be awkward and create tension between the couple.

6. Her Boyfriend Will be a Main Subject Topic

               Her boyfriend is a major part of her life, and you will hear all about it. The good and the bad. Just remind her of this when you get a boyfriend and she has to listen to you all the time as well.

All of these things are true, however, she will always be your best friend and no one can replace you. Take the time to remind her how you feel, ask to hangout just the two of you, respect that she has a boyfriend, but remind her that you're there too and someday she may feel this way as well.