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President of Women in Leadership, Dhouha Triki



You wouldn’t know she was only in her second year. Currently the president of Women in Leadership and with UN Women in her future, equality and women’s rights advocate, Dhouha Triki, has proven that she is everything a good leader should be.  

As we sit in the board room of the second floor of the University of Windsor Student Centre, the Women’s Studies major is nothing but inspiring and motivating as she shares her passion about the roles she has taken on and the goals she hopes to accomplish this year. “I want to talk to as many students as I can and let them know that there is a union that will help and vouch for them,” Dhouha says. “I want to be there for students, no matter what are their issues.”  

 As well as leading Women in Leadership, Triki is also a UWSA Senator and was also involved in 2014’s “He For She” campaign. The campaign, a movement allowing men to stand up in support of women, brings up equality issues in countries all around the world, and fights for proper education and health facilities for women.

 For Dhouha, creating a sense of awareness about women’s rights and equality is a very important cause to take on. As the president of Women in Leadership, this is everything she stands for. The club is a way to empower women, especially young women to take on leadership roles after they graduate.   

“We encourage women to be leaders,” says Triki. “They need to know that the sky is the limit. Let nothing hold you back.” For the group, it’s all about having an incredible support system, a sisterhood and a legacy for women on campus.

After university, Dhouha Triki hopes to work with UN Women; specifically the drafting policy process and policies surrounding Middle Eastern countries, in terms of spousal abuse and the right to a proper education. 

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