My Top Five Podcasts for Work

TED Talks Daily

TED is a non-profit organization that creates powerful talks about spreading ideas, new inventions, scientific discoveries, and stories. Each talk is 20 minutes or less! I love this podcast because there is such a wide variety that you can’t get bored, and you can fit a dozen of them into one shift! So lets learn about urban agriculture in Detroit, how to get more deep sleep (+ its benefits), and how to hold a better conversation with people for today!



Okay, everyone knows Buzzfeed, so why not listen to one of their podcasts? Kate Peterman and Kelsey Darragh host this one, and they’re hilarious! Topics include sex, feminism, eating disorders, mental health, using a Diva cup, and more! They are brutally honest, hilarious, and make you feel like you're not alone!


The Basement Yard

This one is an obvious one you must listen to because it’s Joe Santagato who hosts it. Need I say more?


Casefile True Crime

If you love crime and hearing about the history of crime, this is the podcast for you! All stories are true stories, and they are narrated by a man with a slightly haunting Australian accent. Please be aware that these do have distressing incidents and are not suitable for all! But if you want to know how three men broke out of Alcatraz and lived to tell the tale or how a woman mysteriously died on her honeymoon, this is the podcast for you.


Stuff You Should Know

Lastly, Stuff You Should Know is a must for those drives to work. Hosts Josh and Chuck go into detail explaining topics such as how the flu works, how the brain of a psychopaths works (highly recommend this one…super creepy), and even how an aurora borealis works! If you ever want to surprise your friends and family with some new knowledge, this is the podcast for you!