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My Top 7 WIFF Must Sees

My Top 7 WIFF Must Sees


October is drawing to a close which means two things in the city of Windsor- Halloween and WIFF are upon us. The Windsor International Film Festival, or WIFF, is the second largest volunteer run film festival in Canada, and will be screening 151 films over a 5-day period. With so many movies and so little time it can be difficult to decide which flicks to catch, which is why I am sharing my top 5 must see films.

Les Affames (The Ravenous)

A flesh-eating plague ravages the Quebec countryside in director Robin Aubert’s latest horror flick. Using this plot device as an analogy for politics and fear of the masses Les Affames may be the next great Canadian horror.

See it Tuesday, Oct 31st 6:00 PM

or Friday, Nov 3rd 11:59 PM


Loving Vincent

Directors Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman bring Vincent Van Gogh’s art to life in by telling the story of Vincent’s life. The first fully oil-painted feature film is a landmark in animation and a visual masterpiece that deserves to be marvelled on the big screen.

See it Thursday, Nov 2nd 11:05 AM

Or Friday, Nov 3rd 5:45 PM

Ingrid Goes West

Director Matt Spicer tells a tale of friendship in this modern age of social media. A satire of cyber stalking, Ingrid Goes West first entered my radar a couple months ago when the trailer was first released and I am excited to see Aubrey Plaza play the titular role of Ingrid on the silver screen.

See it Thursday, Nov 2nd 10:25 PM

or Friday, Nov 3rd 6:00 PM


A Ghost Story

Director David Lowery tells the story of a dead man, adorning a white sheet, returning to his suburban home to console his grieving wife. A film I had heard about in passing months ago, A Ghost Story has been on my to watch list for a while. The hauntingly beautiful costume design of the sheet is at once new and classic, making this a worthwhile watch.

See it Tuesday, Oct 31st 8:20 PM


Beach Rats

Director Eliza Hittman introduces us to Frankie, an adolescent living on the edge of Brooklyn in this subversive coming of age story about the competition between conforming and following your desires.

See it Monday, Oct 30th 10:15 PM


Vancouver No Fixed Address

Director Charles Wilkinson investigates the real estate landscape of Vancouver BC in this new documentary. Myself, and anyone else who has ever fantasized leaving Windsor to move to the West Coast may want to check out this candid look at the housing options available.

See it Thursday, Nov 2nd 5:10 PM

Rebel in the Rye

Director Jim Sharman tells the story of one of the greatest American authors, J.D. Salinger and how his famous novel, The Catcher in the Rye, was written. As a huge fan of the novel, and a hater of phony’s this film is a must see for me.

And you can see it to either; Tuesday, Oct 31st 8:15 PM

or Thursday, Nov 2nd 3:15 PM


Check out this year’s WIFF line up yourself at  http://www.windsorfilmfestival.com/films/, and sit back, relax, and let the opening credits roll.

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