My Top 10 WIFF Picks This Year

My Top 10 WIFF Picks This Year


        The end of October is nearing, and you know what that means, the Windsor International Film Festival will be bringing 7 days of films to downtown Windsor. In order to feed my excitement, I have already begun my game plan of movies I will hopefully get the chance to screen. So here I will be sharing with you my top 10 picks for WIFF 2018.


10. Love, Gilda (2018) directed by Lisa Dapolito.

Love, Gilda is a documentary reflecting on the life of comedian Gilda Radner. This post-mortem biopic is unique it that it utilizes old interviews and footage to allow Radner to tell her own story rather than to have a story impressed upon her. I am excited to see this technique in action.

October 31st @ 6:00 pm


9.Sharkwater: Extinction (2018) directed by Rob Stewart

As an environmental studies graduate student hopeful I am always down to learn more about the current state of our planet’s ecosystems (as depressing as that can be), making Sharkwater: Extinction a must see. A look into the current perils and eminent extinction sharks face this flick will be screening twice so make sure not to miss it.

November 1st @ 6:15 pm & November 4th @ 9:00 am


8. Skate Kitchen (2018) directed by Crystal Mosella

As a someone who had always wanted to be a skater girl the premise of skate kitchen, an all-girls skate crew definitely feels like it was made for me.

October 31st @ 9:00 am & November 2 @ 10:05 pm


7. Shoplifters (2018) Directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda

This year I hope to branch out into more foreign language films- and while this is the only one to make my top 10 I am hoping it will persuade me to venture into this uncharted territory of Japanese cinema more often. Shoplifters is a drama about the strength of family in economic hardship, as the experience of being priced out of one’s own home become more and more common in today’s housing market.

October 29th @ 9:00 am & November 4th @ 11:10 am


6. Best F(R)iends volume 1 and 2 (2017) directed by Justin MacGregor

For those familiar with the “Disaster Artist” or the Tommy Wiseau ethos you will know that after “The Room” friends Mark and Tommy continued making films, and this is one of those films. I am looking forward to seeing if this two-volume tale is as entertaining as “The Room”

November 3rd @ 10:45 pm


5. Anthropocene: the human epoch (2018) directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas de Pencier and Edward Burtynsky


The second environmentalist themed documentary on this list (and the last so you don’t have to worry about me boring you too much) investigates what it means to be living in the era of man, chronicling the widespread effects that humanity and our habits have on the natural world.

October 31st @ 5:50 pm & November 3rd @3:55 pm


4. What Keeps You Alive (2018) directed by Colin Minihan

A stylish thriller just in time for Halloween, sign me up! What Keeps You Alive promises a “truly clever turn” that I prepared to try and solve.

October 29th @ 11:05 pm & November 4th @ 10:30 pm


3. Summer of 84 (2018) directed by Froncois Simard

A horror film set in the 80s, not only very on trend but exactly what I need to be watching this Halloween. A group of four friends decided to do some amateur sleuthing to discover if neighbour Officer Mackey is actually the Cape May Strangler, who has been killing boys in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

October 31st @ 9:45 pm


2. RBG (2018) directed by Julie Cohen and Betsy West

It is a fact that the notorious RBG; Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is a living legend who was just waiting to be immortalized on the silver screen.

October 30th @ 7:30 pm


1. Lizzie (2018) directed by Craig William Macneill

Based on the Borden house murders, Lizzie Borden was famously accused of the murder. This film explores the why of that story, exploring Lizzie’s life and possible motivations.

October 31st @ 7:45 pm, November 4th @ 8:15 pm



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