To My Future Daughter,


You will be told that you were born and created to please a man, and you will be forced into femininity. However, I will never be the one who forces this upon you because I want you to live your life for yourself. You will be told to be more polite, act more ladylike, and not to be harsh otherwise boys won’t like you. You will be told you need to learn how to do work inside of the house like cleaning in order to keep a man. A partner who chooses you solely on your skills to serve them as a woman is not someone who truly wants you. They will choose you because of who you are and what you are. They will love you just as I have and will always love you. 


I do not want you feeling that you aren’t enough because of something one of your future partners has done to hurt you, nor do I want you experiencing some of the things that have happened to me. There will be heartbreaks, but I will sit by your side and hold you through it all. No partner of yours who made a choice to leave was ready to have someone as special as you are. 


I want to raise you to be a strong, independent woman with the capability of being firm in your own beliefs while also being empathetic. I want you to know that everyone is human and mistakes are bound to happen, and mistakes are not something to be ashamed of but simply something to learn from. I want you to choose what you want in life without any pressure from myself, but also I want you to make your own choices. You were born from the love I had for you, and that was my choice. But any choices made afterwards are yours to make. 


The world will force you to think that you are less than you seem, and it will tell you that what you are isn’t worthy of love. But I want you to remember all the people who love you already and I want you to prove those who doubt you wrong. Moving in silence and overcoming the obstacles that hold you back is one of the things that will benefit you in the end. Remember who you are and how far you’ve come, but also the strength it took to get to where you are today. Be proud of your accomplishments.