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My Fave Grey’s Anatomy Moments

Grey’s Anatomy isn’t just THAT medical television show which features a lot of relationship drama. Although this is partially true, for most of us Grey’s fans, the show is more like a family.  By family, I mean a show that you can follow and get attached to the characters – for many years to follow. We’ve stuck around for 15 seasons, and for us each character portrays a unique piece of our lives. Some of us spend months rewatching the entire series just to watch how much the show’s protagonist, Meredith Grey, grows as a person, how she becomes THAT woman (strong, independent, and powerful), and transitions from an intern to a mom of three. Although there is way too much background knowledge to cover in just a paragraph, I would like to highlight a few scenes that have had a huge impact in my life (SPOILER ALERT – you have been warned):


#Slexie (8×22)

Mark Sloan (attractive plastic surgeon) and Lexie Grey (Meredith’s little sister – an intern) have an on/off relationship, but the chemistry is very intense. Just as Mark is about to start thinking of a future with another love interest, Lexie realizes she still loves him. She tells him she loves him, but before he has a chance to tell her he feels the same way, Lexie dies in a plane crash (literally an episode later). In the last episode that Shonda Rhimes (producer of Grey’s Anatomy) dedicated to Mark Sloan, he is asked who would be his partner. He says Lexie Grey. Here’s what she said to Mark:

This entire episode is significant because it shows how important it is to tell the person you love how much you love them. You never really know when an “I love you” will be your last. (Text your significant other right now that you love them!)


McVet versus McDreamy (2×27)

Meredith Grey is torn between two men, one being the vet who’s taking care of her dog, Doc. He is referred to as McVet (on the bottom right). The other tier for her heart is McDreamy (neurosurgeon with great hair – left). The hospital throws a mini prom, so McVet and Meredith go together, but then Meredith shares a steamy moment with McDreamy later on during the episode. As the episode concludes, Meredith says goodnight to both men, and they both reply goodnight to her. She is then torn on who to go home with. Both men competed with one another – one giving Meredith strawberry ice cream, while the other contestant for her heart gave her awesome procedures to surgically assist with. In the end, she chooses McDreamy, but this episode is super cute and what every girl wants – two cute suitors to win your heart (plus a little bit of spoiling never goes unnoticed).


Harper for Grey (14×7)

The “Harper Avery” is an award for surgical innovation awarded to the surgeon who demonstrates promise and prioritizes patient-care. Meredith wins this award, after working hard for over fourteen seasons, surviving a plane crash, experiencing her husband dying, and enduring so many other traumatizing events which shaped her into a POWERFUL woman.  She helped reconstruct stomach fascia (muscle) for a woman whose stomach was torn during the war in Iraq. She demonstrated a novel technique in her practice. She was not able to go to the award reception because she was busy saving another life. Honestly, what a queen. This is just powerful and speaks for itself.




The list could go on in terms of my favorite moments from Grey’s. One thing to know for sure is that the show does indirectly shed light on a lot of prominent issues in society – Black Lives Matter protests, police brutality, and even Donald Trump’s bigotry. These messages are incorporated in subtle ways. I look forward to the season finale for season 15, after which I’ll (probably) re-watch seasons 1-15 for the seventh time. Hopefully, I convinced you to start watching this powerful show!


I'm a senior at the University of Windsor, where I enjoy writing for HCXO and taking on an executive role. I appreciate puns, americanos, and birds of the eupatria species. In my free time I love to advocate for BIPOC and educate myself on topics that I may not be too familiar with. 
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