My Crystal Handbook: Clear Quartz to Moonstone



In this second article of My Crystal Handbook series, the individual characteristics and properties of the crystals that I own (and thus am familiar with) will be discussed. We will begin with white crystals, from Clear Quartz to Moonstone, examining the chakra they connect to, their healing abilities, and their origin. My crystals come in many colours, so I will be ordering this series by colour and corresponding chakra. Each of these crystals are related to more than one chakra (sometimes all of them!) unlike most crystals. With that, we will begin with Clear Quartz which has a connection to each of the 7 chakras, which are the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. 


  1. Clear Quartz: Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. This crystal is widely distributed and found in the Alps, South America, and Japan, among other places. Due to its worldly nature, many cultures have myths central to Clear Quartz. The word “quartz” comes from the word “ice,” and as a result, many philosophers believed this crystal was a form of permanent ice. The crystal balls of medieval European clairvoyants were made of Clear Quartz, as it was often associated with predicting the future. In South America, the Natives thought this stone held their ancestor’s spirits, while in ancient Egypt, this crystal was the material for monuments as it was believed to channel the energy from the planetary system. Additionally, in Japanese mythology, it was the embodiment of perfection as it was believed Clear Quartz held the white dragon’s breath. However, the crystal has different meanings in today’s society. Due to its high vibration, this crystal assists in the healing and purification of the mind, body, and soul. It is also an amplifying crystal that aids you in your manifestations. It promotes mental clarity, enhances your intuition, and protects and harmonizes your energy. In this way, it brings your attention inwards, allowing you to listen to yourself and cultivate what you truly want in life. As mentioned above, this crystal has the ability to align and balance all of your chakras in an effort to bring you peace, wisdom, and tranquillity. In my personal experiences, I like to use this crystal to calm my mind when I write a test or a paper. It is also a powerful meditation stone and it helps me feel at one with the universe.

  2. Selenite: Selenite is a variety of crystallized gypsum that evaporates in clay beds, salt flats, hot springs, and caves. It is found on every continent and in countries such as Morocco, Australia, Greece, the United States, and most notably in the Naica Mine's Cave in Chihuahua, Mexico -- in fact, the largest crystal was found here! Selenite was named after the Greek Moon goddess, Selene, for its soft, pearlescent glow. Selenite is a frail crystal that will dissolve in water. This seems a fair price to pay for its unmatched ability to cleanse and charge itself, any other crystal, and your own energy! It is mainly associated with the crown chakra as it helps you get in touch with your higher self. It also assists in meditation and astral projection. I like to wave a wand of Selenite around my body or meditate with it when I feel as if there is stagnant or negative energy in my body. Thus, it is related to peace, purity, and higher consciousness. 

  3. Desert Rose: A desert rose is an intricate rose-like formation of crystal clusters of gypsum that moulds into fanning petals. Sand embeds itself in Selentine blades which causes this formation. These stones are mostly found in deserts, such as in California, Mexico, Australia and Egypt. As a type of Selenite, this stone is able to cleanse all chakras but is most beloved by the sacral chakra. According to the Indigenous Americans, Desert Rose was carved by warriors who returned from the spirit world and were spread across the earth to protect the spiritual plane. This stone promotes personal development and supports positive change in character. It also gently removes barriers to belief systems that are no longer serving your highest purpose. Overall, it aids in self-expression and manifestation, re-alignment, and unlocking our divine will. 

  4. Optical Calcite: This crystal is a transparent variety of Calcite or crystallized calcium carbonate that was originally found in Iceland. It is therefore also called Iceland spar, or Clear Calcite. It is double refractive, meaning objects appearing through it will look as though they’re in two different places at once. This crystal has the ability to balance, energize, and cleanse all of your chakras. It also acts as a powerful medium that transforms negative energy into positive energy. Simply having it in your room will absorb all the negativity willed upon you. This crystal is also good for grounding and hastens growth and development. It facilitates out-of-body experiences, encourages forgiveness, and allows you to see the double meaning in words. It is similar to Clear Quartz in the sense that it provides clarity and manifestation support.

  5. Moonstone: The last crystal we will be looking at in the second edition of this series is the fabled Moonstone. This stone can come in many different colours. It is a sodium-potassium aluminum silicate with a pearlescent glow. This play of light is called adularescence and its clarity can be transparent or opaque. This most prized moonstone is from Sri Lanka and India. The crystal is associated with the third eye and solar plexus chakras. It is a stone of new beginnings that facilitates spiritual growth and opens possibilities for the introverted. It attracts luck, optimism, and manifestations. It, therefore, promotes peace, love, and serenity. 


These five clear and white crystals each have calming and meditative effects and many of them are good protection stones that can aid in cleansing energy. They can be used in many ways: you can carry them around on your person in jewelry or in a purse, or you can place them around your house to ward off negativity and promote success. I highly recommend these crystals, especially Selenite, Clear Quartz, and Optical Calcite as I find these three have been very influential in my life. And remember that just because a crystal can aid in astral projection, lucid dreaming, or out-of-body experiences, they are still reliant on your intentions. Like I said in My Crystal Handbook: What Are They and How Do You Use Them, interacting with crystals is a symbiotic relationship!



Clear Quartz


Desert Rose

Optical Calcite