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Stephanie Voyer is the Vice President of Membership for the Delta Zeta sorority on campus! I had the pleasure of interviewing her about her role and her involvement throughout the year during recruitment.

What is your year and major?

“I am in my 5th year of completing my Drama and English degrees and also my Arts Management certificate.”

What is it like being the VP of membership? What does your job entail?

“I love being VP Membership in DZ! With my job, I get to talk to new people all the time about the sisterhood that I am passionate about! It is my responsibility to ensure PNMs (potential new members) get all of the information necessary before they decide to join our sorority. I also ensure that the active members know how to answer questions and portray our ideals at all time while we are recruiting. The position is a lot of work. it requires dedication, organization, and confidence.”

Why did you choose to personally rush DZ?

“I rushed DZ because one of my close friends had joined and talked about how much fun it was. At the time, I had 2 jobs in addition to being a full-time student and was looking for a fun way to be involved on campus that would provide me with a social outlet.”

What is your favourite thing about your position?

“My favourite thing about my position is when I am talking to a girl about DZ and she gets very excited to join. Often there is one moment when a PNM starts to fall in love with DZ and starts asking a bunch of questions. It is a great feeling when I share my passion with other people and they also become passionate about it.”  

How has your position shaped you into a leader?

“I have a very strong leadership background, but I have found that my position within the sorority has provided me with a whole new skill set as a leader. I am much better at learning from criticism now rather than taking it personally, I am much better at explaining my long term vision and putting my plan into action, and I am also much more comfortable helping their leadership potential within DZ.”

Have you had any obstacles throughout your position? How did you handle them if so?

“My biggest challenge was remembering all of the Panhellenic recruitment rules. Often I would get so excited about our potential new sisters and the events I was planning that I would forget to consider certain restrictions that are put in place in order to keep recruitment fair between sororities such as, event time limits.”

How do you get others excited about recruitment?

“In order to run a successful recruitment, VP Membership must be comfortable leading the chapter in bonding activities, training, and connecting with new people almost every single day to tell them about what it means to be a DZ sister.”

What advice do you have for the future VP of membership?

“My advice is that the incoming Vice President of Membership stays organized and enthusiastic about their position! By keeping notes and a positive attitude their energy and organizational skills will make recruitment a great experience for the whole chapter.”

Melanie Renaud is a second year Digital Journalism and Communications, Media & Film double major student at the University of Windsor.