Meet the Member Monday — Hi, I’m Sarah!

Welcome back to Meet the Member Monday!


It is my pleasure to introduce you to Sarah, who is a new addition to our team! She is an editor and an occasional writer, so keep your eyes peeled to see some of the great content she produces. She is currently a 4th-year English and Creative Writing student.


Let’s get to know more about her:

What brought you to HC UWindsor?

A few of my friends have been involved with it in the past and really enjoyed it, and they encouraged me to join. Plus, it's always good to gain experience wherever you can, especially in such a feminine-positive and encouraging space.


What do you do for HC UWindsor?

I'll be editing regularly and writing semi-regularly -- whenever I think my niche knowledge of taxidermy, witchcraft, and dungeons and dragons can come in handy.


What is your favourite colour?



Tell us three fun facts about yourself!

I've successfully completed Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month) five times in a row, my hobby is learning how to say 'I don't speak this language' in as many languages as possible, and I'm the spokesperson and minor celebrity for the Coldwater Steampunk Festival as their very under-qualified nurse, Miss Morphine!


What is your favourite quote?

"Anything you can imagine is real," Pablo Picasso.


What is your best advice for fellow students?

Call your parents more often; they miss you!


What career do you hope to have once you graduate?

I hope to be a very successful novelist, but I think copyediting will be a nice hobby.


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, Sarah has a lot of unique talents and a great perspective on things. We’re so lucky to have her on our team, and we can’t wait to see the great things she will do!


Thanks for checking in for another week of Meet the Member Monday!