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Meals for the Lazy and Those Who “Can’t” Cook

I’m ALWAYS hungry. Like right now, I could go for some honey garlic chicken with some scalloped potatoes and asparagus. But let’s be real: not only do I not have the time to make such an elegant dinner but I also do not have the talent. Once, I burnt some soup that I was making. Upon eating it, I realized that it was also undercooked. How is that possible?

So, I’ve got a few recipes in my tool belt that are easy to make, delicious, and will impress your friends. Finally, your mother will not be worried about whether or not you’ll be able to live on your own. If I can make the following dishes, then trust me… so can you!


Shepherd’s Pie


Ingredients: 1 can of peas, 1 can of corn, flavouring of your choice, potatoes, tablespoon of butter, milk to taste, 1 package of ground beef


First, thaw your ground beef and then throw it in a pan. Let it cook until you can no longer see any pink meat. Add a seasoning of your choice to the meat. Personally, I like to use the “Shepherd’s Pie” mix you can get in the seasoning aisle of your local grocery store. You just stir it with some water and add it in until it thickens. Then, after draining the peas and corn, add them to the mix. Now, let’s focus on the potatoes. When I first started, I just used the frozen mashed potatoes you can buy at some supermarkets and honestly, they taste just as good. But if you believe yourself to be a bit more advanced, then try this: boil the potatoes for ten minutes with a lid, drain them, add a tablespoon of butter and milk to taste, and mash them all up together. Grab a baking dish, layer the bottom with the meat and vegetable mixture and top it with the mashed potatoes. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees fahrenheit, throw it in there for 30 minutes and voila! If you really want to get fancy, grate some cheese and let it bake on top during the last 5 minutes or so. Honestly, it’s one of the only meals my family asks me to make and they’ve seen my cooking.




Ingredients: 1 cup of almond milk, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, a pinch of cinnamon, ½ a cup of greek yogurt, 1 banana, 1 cup of frozen berries


I eat this for lunch almost every day. Just throw it into a blender and blend until it’s smooth enough for you to drink. With the bananas, I buy them in bulk and throw them in my freezer so that they don’t go bad. For protein powder, I use this type called “Vega”. It’s a bit expensive but it’s got 6 servings of vegetables in each scoop, probiotics, and more. It helps me to get a lot of nutrients in at once but also to balance my meal. And the protein really helps me get through my day as well. As for flavours of berries and yogurt, pick whatever you think mixes the best. My personal favourite is strawberry for both.





Ingredients: 1 bag of tortilla chips, 1 can of salsa, 1 cup (I would use more) of shredded cheese, ½ cup of onions, ½ cup of peppers, 1 cup of cooked ground beef or grilled chicken (optional)


Your friends are coming over and it’s your turn to make the snack! What do you do? Popcorn and ordering a pizza are so overdone, so why not try nachos? Preheat the oven to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Layer the chips out on the pan. Chop up your favourite vegetables and sprinkle them evenly on top. I like peppers and onions but it’s really up to you. Then, add the grated cheese. I usually add so much that I can’t see the pan anymore but you can add as much as you want. I don’t like meat on my nachos (especially because I’m afraid of messing it up), but if you feel confident in your chef-like abilities, then go for it! Dice and grill up some chicken or cook some ground beef and add it on top. Once you’re satisfied with your toppings, stick it in the oven for about 10 to 15 minutes or until everything starts to look golden brown. Serve with salsa. On the plus side, you’ll spread joy throughout your friendships as they indulge in your simple but oh-so delicious nachos. On the other hand, you’ll be stuck making snacks for your close ones for the rest of your life.


Devilled Eggs            


Ingredients: 12 eggs, teaspoon of paprika, 1/2 cup of mayo, honey mustard to taste


You’re off to a potluck but you don’t know what to bring. I’ve got the answer for you: devilled eggs. There are few better-tasting things in this world. So, add water to the pot until about ⅔ is full and once it gets to a boil, add the eggs as well. Keep them in there with the top covered for about 10 minutes and then let them cool. Once cool, remove the shells and cut each egg in half hamburger-wise (for those of you who didn’t learn that in elementary school, it means width-wise). Scoop out the hardened yellow yolk and add it to a mixing bowl along with the mayo. Continue by adding honey mustard until you like the taste of the mixture. Most use regular mustard but I love the sweet zing that comes with honey mustard. Once thoroughly mixed, fill the egg halves with the mixture and sprinkle paprika on top of each one. People think it’s such a fancy dish and they congratulate you for being a great cook while you chuckle to yourself as your remember how little effort actually went into making this dish. This is probably my favourite but I say that about most food so you’ll just have to try it yourself.


Fruit Salad            


Ingredients: Your choice of fruits, orange juice, sugar


Last but not least, you need to try this recipe. This is one of the only things I was allowed to make as a little girl because it didn’t involve the stove. I also think my parents saw my lack of motivation and talent regarding my cooking when I was young but that’s another story. What I love about this recipe is that there are no real measurements. Pick your favourite fruits, cut them all up, and add them to a bowl or container. Mix them up and add orange juice until there’s a light dressing surrounding all of the fruit. I’m warning you though, don’t drown the fruit in orange juice because it will get soggy, I promise. And then sprinkle sugar on top to get that extra sweetness, especially if you’re a fan of the tangier fruits. On hot, summer days, my only chore would be to make this and honestly it wasn’t that bad. Stick the salad in the fridge for a couple of hours to get the most out of this salad because this will allow the fruit to marinate in the juice and bring the flavour out.


So, now that you have these recipes, you should be able to get through another week. Or at least, eat out one less time a week. Your body and your bank account will thank you. I’m still alive, right?

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