Make the Most of Your Summer

It’s not uncommon to hear people complain about how kids these days don’t play outside anymore. Video games, instagram feeds, and TV shows take up all of their time. While we may not be children anymore, many of us fall into the same electronic trap. Whether you’re bingeing Netflix or spending hours playing Zelda, you might find your summer over within seconds, not sure where the months went. Don’t let your summer slip by. While there’s nothing wrong with watching some sitcoms, don’t forget to go outside, see some friends, and be active. Need help making the most of your summer? Check out the ideas below!


Bike the Day Away

A certain summer of mine was marked by frequent bike rides to my friend’s house and around the neighbourhood. Some rides only took an hour, while some others took four. I remember the feeling of riding under a canopy of trees as the sun descended on me through the branches. I noticed the fresh air, the steady hum of cicadas, and the little kids in the neighbourhood as they played hopscotch and sold lemonade. It was beautiful, and everytime I pushed the pedals, I felt my heart float higher. Whether you’re biking for a day or just for a few minutes, bike riding is a fun way to get outside and enjoy the rays now that the winter blues are melting away. Not to mention, it’s a great way to get out of your head and just enjoy the moment.


Be a Kid Again

Remember wall-burner? Hopscotch? Even tag? They’re the games that fill elementary schools and mark the days of our youth. Throwing balls against the wall, playing four-square, drawing pictures with chalk, and playing TV-tag with our friends... We’re not nine anymore, and we’re not the typical patrons of these sorts of games. Nevertheless, sometimes it’s fun to revisit your childhood and remember what life was like before “Game of Thrones” and “The Walking Dead.”


Go Swimming

Of course, every summer needs a bit of water. Whether you’re at the beach or the pool, make some room for a swim. Not only is it a great opportunity to cool off, but it’s great exercise as well. Swimming laps is one thing, and definitely a good idea if you find it fun, but I personally recommend getting some pool toys and throwing a ball around. Practice diving, splashing, and spinning in the water. And if you can recruit enough people, take the opportunity to play Marco Polo. The possibilities are endless!


Travel the “World”

Whether the “world” is as small as your backyard, or as big as the Earth, travelling and exploring is a great idea for any summer. The merits of backpacking across Canada, the US, or Europe are pretty evident, but what about your city, your university, or your own neighbourhood? Think about it—do you know everything there is to know about these places? I know I don’t, and everytime I have decided to dig a little deeper, I have learned to appreciate them more and more. There are millions of interesting things, events, and places that are right under our noses yet remain undiscovered. Discover them! Maybe you’ll stumble on a neat new café, or a nice hangout nook for you and your friends. Take a moment this summer to look in between the cracks to find the little magic that exists right next to you.  


Don’t Forget About Events!

I was shocked when I realized that there are so many events that take place in Windsor over the summer. Check out Carousel of the Nations and watch traditional dancers fly across the stage in beautiful native clothing. Visit the Strawberry festival, and watch Canada Day fireworks. Watch as people march proudly during the Pride Parade, and even get your fortune read at Windsor’s Psychic Expo. There are thousands of things to do—you just need to find them. Great sources include Windsorite News, City of Windsor, and The Windsor Star. Besides local events, there are always things to do around the country and in the US, like fan conventions, concerts, and comedy shows! Read more about events this week in Emma’s upcoming article this week!



These are just a few little ideas to get you started on your summer. There are still a million more things you can do. Get outside, hang out with friends and relatives, soak in the sun, go to the beach, and head to the nature trails. Take a moment to listen to buzzing bees and swaying trees, breathe in the scent of flowers and fresh air, and sink your teeth into cooling watermelon slices. Make the most out of the beautiful little things the summer brings, and I promise your summer won’t be over in a flash.