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Local Events You Need to Check Out This Summer

One of my favourite things about summer is that the weather brings everybody out to take part in some amazing events. Experience these outings with friends, your significant other, or family. Between Windsor and Detroit, you can have a jam-packed summer without going on abroad.


Carrousel of Nations

Windsor is known to be a multicultural and ethically-dense population. With that, we have a vast assortment of delicious cuisines right in our own neighbourhoods. The Carrousel of Nations is a way to explore the different cultures that make up Windsor and to enjoy their foods and forms of entertainment. You’ll probably see a lot of cultural dancing and different games that are popular in their homelands. Each nation hosts its own event, which often takes place in their cultural centres. This means that you get the experience of “travelling” to new countries while crossing Windsor to each location.

Rib & Craft Beer Fest

This festival is held across Ontario, and we’re lucky enough to host one in Windsor every year. Over the course of one whole weekend, you can enjoy the many vendors of ribs and craft beer, watch live entertainment, and participate in games. The event is held at the Riverfront Plaza, so you’ll mow down on the best of the best ribs in Ontario while viewing Detroit’s skyline. If you’re not into ribs, there are other options too, so still check it out!

Art in the Park

If you’re into live music, local food, handmade art, and unique finds, then this event is for you! Held at Windsor’s historical Willistead Manor, the event hosts hundreds of vendors that bring a wide range of talent, not exclusive to visual art. If you’re into clean beauty and wholesome food like myself, this is a great place to find natural and handmade products from skincare to cooking. Save your pennies and bring your cash as this is the best and easiest place to buy from these vendors and view their products.

Urban Wine Festival

This will be the first of its kind, so I can’t personally speak too much about it, but it is hosted by WindsorEats and will follow suit with their other excelling events (e.g. Craft Beer Festival and Whiskeytown Festival). If you check out their Facebook page, they discuss how and why Windsor-Essex produces some of the finest wines and how they want to celebrate this achievement with a new kind of festival. Because WindsorEats always hosts such amazing festivals and events, I am highly optimistic about this one and can’t wait to attend.

Sunset Paddle at Point Pelee

Another very accessible region to Windsorites is Point Pelee. While going there any time is a fulfilling nature experience (if you’re into birds, then Point Pelee is a must), this kind of community event is a great time to experience the Marsh Boardwalk if you haven’t yet. Quite explicitly described, this event is held at the Point Pelee Marsh Boardwalk at sunset, and you can bring your own canoes and kayaks or rent from them. To me, this sounds like a perfect date night: calm waters, sunset, and some light activity to make things fun.

Detroit Tours

There are too many to just list one, but if you’re interested in the historic and culturally-dense city of Detroit just across the river, then consider checking out some of their tours. One thing to experience is The Handlebar, which is a bike bar that tours around Detroit’s downtown area. Similarly, Motor City Brew Tours host their own guided tours of local breweries through walking, biking, boating, or bussing. If you’re more into the history of this amazing city, then check out Detroit History Tours. They have a vast array of tours based on specific historical contexts (going over everything would be quite a feat). From food tours, women’s history tours, and historical crime-related tours, there is a lot to learn about the city. Guided tours are a great way to get involved in the city, meet new people, get some exercise for the day, and learn something new.

We have lots to experience right in our own neighbourhood. This list is just a few of many events to occupy your days this summer break. Have fun in the sun, enjoy our amazing cultural diversity, and learn new things!


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