Letter to My Friend Studying Abroad

Dear friend studying abroad,

               It's November now, meaning that you have been gone for about two months. Even though that does not seem like a significant amount of time, I have come to miss your presence very much.  I took for granted how much you made me smile, made me laugh, and how often you brightened my day. I miss our long talks and dinner dates, but most of all I just miss having you around.

               Before you left we promised to Skype, but you don't realize how much the time difference actually matters. By the time I've finished work for the day, you're in bed, and before you go off to class, It's 5:00 AM here. However, that doesn't stop us from having our random Facebook messages just to check up on each other.

               I enjoy watching your Snapchats of the university you're at and all of your adventures. And I can't wait to spend hours with you going through all the pictures that you didn't post, once you return. I always look forward to hearing about all the other countries you travelled to while you're away, and I love seeing what a great time you are having in this amazing chapter of your life.

               Sometimes I see everything that you're doing and I wish I was right there with you. And a lot of the time I also wish you were here with me.

               I want you to know how proud I am of you for going on this adventure. When you're homesick or lonely, just remember I am only a Facebook message away. And most importantly, I will be here, waiting for you when you get back. So while you're off, creating all these great memories, don't forget about me; take risks, have a blast, and I'll see you when you come home!


Your friend stuck in Windsor