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A Letter to My 8-Year Old Self

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.
        A Letter to My 8-Year Old Self 
If I truly know myself, you’re either playing with your Pokémon figures or 
downstairs waiting for the newest Power Ranger episode. Don’t worry, I won’t take 
much of your time, but this is kind of exciting… I’m writing to you 10 years in the 
future, Pau! You’re probably really confused, but just keep reading! 
Before you ask, we still don’t have lightsabers and flying cars, I know it sucks. 
Anyways, I just wanted to tell you some stuff that you could expect in the future. I’m 
not going to be too specific; you might freak out a little bit.  I guess to start things off, 
you’re going to experience a massive environment overhaul. Before you panic, just 
know that you will learn how to be happy in your new surroundings. Don’t get me 
wrong, it won’t be easy and it’s going to be really different, but you’ll eventually get 
used to it and see how great it is. This next one might not be the most relevant thing 
in your life right now, but our university choice will be way different compared to 
our original plan. We’re not going to be neither WWE superstar nor a Pokémon 
trainer (only because there’s no university program on how to be a Pokémon 
Trainer). Trust me when I say that it wasn’t even close. You’ll still enjoy it though!  
Thirdly…actually this one is more of a favour. Can you keep your power ranger toys? 
Especially those ones that combine weapons! I still miss that, so just keep that in 
mind when you start cleaning up your toys. Lastly, and this could be the most 
important one, you’re going to meet a super duper girl that will change your life. 
Consider yourself lucky, Pau! 
You’re gonna experience awesome adventures, meet good people and learn a 
lot about yourself.  It’s going to be a fun ride! Before I sign off, can you go outside 
and say hi to BamBam for me? I still think he’s the cutest dog ever; tell him I love 
him and miss him. Take lots of naps! I know you hate it right now, but later on you’re gonna figure out 
that naps are the best thing in the world. Trust me. Anyways, see ya, dude! 
Paulo is a first-year English Major from the University of Windsor. He graduated from Vincent Massey Secondary School, and will always be a proud Mustang.