Let's Talk About Climate Change

"Let's talk about climate change" Is something that we don't hear enough because it isn’t said enough. Global warming is often thought of a thing of the past. Some people bring up, "That was talked about a few years ago, but not so much anymore." This does not, in any way, mean that global warming and climate change are not very much a problem and will continue to be. This problem is escalated when a leader of a very prominent country also decides to say that global warming isn't real.

Let's ignore the science, the facts, the specialists, and that climate change is happening and focus on the basics. It is January, the coldest month of the entire year, and it feels like Spring. Yes, it's lovely weather, we all hate the snow and love the sun. However, we also love the earth, we love living day to day, and if we dismiss global warming, that will no longer be a reality. It is absolutely not natural to be having these temperatures and weather this time of year. It is not normal for it to snow one time all winter. It is not normal to have one season all year around for this part of the world. Even if ignore all the science proving global warming, we cannot ignore the signs the earth is giving us.

Even if we all believe in global warming, that is not going to stop it. That is not going to make a difference. We need to keep protecting our earth. We need to keep trying to salvage what is left, what we didn't already completely destroy beyond repair.

Personally, I am disgusted at the way we have been acting lately. At how we can be so dismissive of something so obvious. At how we can say this was a past issue. At how we can say, well Donald Trump doesn't believe in it, therefore, America  isn't going to do anything about it, so we are all screwed. Since when does that make it okay to stop trying, to stop supporting what we care about.

I, for one, will never stop advocating for the earth. I will bring it up over and over again. I will do what I can to save the earth and I will make sure others do as well. You can laugh at me when I pick your recycle cup out of the garbage you just tossed it is, you can roll your eyes when I annoy you with environmental facts, and you can think it's weird that I insist we carpool. You can say these things are little and don't matter anymore. I do what I can, which yes, includes the little things such as recycling, saving water, etc. and I will also discuss the larger issues, hoping that the information spreads and that we can do something about it. You can say that environmental issues aren't your thing, but the truth is, the environment is everyone's thing. If we don't become the change, there won't be anything left.

Let's keep talking about climate change.