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How a “Treat Yo’ Self” Day Changed My Outlook on Self-Care

How a “Treat Yo’ Self” Day Changed My Outlook on Self-Care

It is the end of January and I feel exhausted.  Although the New Year has been treating me well, I still am tired from my job and studies. I woke up yesterday (January 31st) and felt like the entire month had gone by so fast. I had so many expectations and I felt behind on everything  (even though I wasn’t).

January is usually a difficult month for people. New Year’s resolutions weigh heavy on their shoulders, and trying to reach a goal can be difficult at times.

So when I woke up yesterday and I felt sort of depressed and lethargic. I made a decision…TO TREAT MYSELF for keeping up with my resolutions and working hard for the month.

This is what I did:

  1. I  wore an outfit that made me feel good about myself.


I decided that to feel good on the inside I should do my best to look good on the outside.

So I went through all of the clothes in my closet. I found it! A purple silky dress that I wore to my grandmothers viewing (sad, I know) but the dress made me feel powerful at the time and I decided that today I would need that same strength.


  1. I treated myself to a delicious meal that I ate alone.


The idea of being alone does scare me, but yesterday I decided to make an attempt at enjoying my own company. I did not look at my phone, or snapchat/instagram my meal. I wanted to enjoy it in the moment and cherish what I was doing for myself.


  1. I had coffee with friends and made a NO GOSSIP rule.


Gossiping with friends can add to a sour mood and can be draining of positive energy. So yesterday, I told my friends I did not want to speak about other people negatively. I just wanted to hear about them, their work and what was going on in their lives.


  1. I went shopping.


Shopping is an essential part of treat yo’ self-days! I didn’t go crazy shopping I just bought things that I felt I needed for self care. Incense sticks, candles, new bedsheets, a bathbomb, all the little things that make me happy.  


  1. I came home and took a bubble bath.


To end my treat yo’ self-day, I got home and took a bath and let my body relax.


I went to bed feeling pampered and loved by myself. After yesterday I realized that treating yourself, and taking care of your own well beings very important and I should be doing it more so that stress doesn’t build up inside me. I made a decision to treat myself at the end of every month. So that I will have something to look forward to and I can start off each month right!


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