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How to Study Efficiently

Studies show that the best way to study is in intervals. That’s awesome news for me because I would rather not study at all, and I’m not good at it either,so the less time I can spend doing it makes me happy. I love to procrastinate and distract myself with whatever I can: cleaning, laundry, social media. I know this is not feasible because I can’t make it through university without studying, so I’ve concocted a study regime to help me get the most out my most hated activity.


I find that my biggest problem is usually that I fill my head with thoughts of other things I have to do when in reality they could wait for another day. However, I begin to procrastinate as much as I can to try to put off studying for at least a few more hours. I figured there must be a better way where I am actually accomplishing something more than laundry. And then I found it. Intervals.


Let me walk you through some of my Saturday:

  • Wake up

  • Eat breakfast

  • Shower and start my day

  • 30 mins of school work

  • Throw a load of laundry in the washing machine

  • 40 mins of school work

  • Do some dishes

  • 30 mins of school work

  • Switch laundry

  • 40 mins of school work

  • Eat lunch

  • 30 mins of school work

...etc, etc.


This system works wonders for me. It is an efficient way to study without trying too hard to stay focused on one thing at a time. Also, since my head gets filled with ideas of everything I have to do, this gives me a way to feel like I’m accomplishing things outside of school as well.


It's hard for everyone to try and find their perfect study habit. For the intense procrastinators like me, I urge you to try this study regime. It really does make a world of difference!


Meghan is a second year English Major at the University of Windsor. She is minoring in Environmental Science. Meghan loves fashion, reading and writing, and nature/the environment. She hopes to enter the world of Editing or Journalism after University. Meghan is excited to share her ideas and opinions with the Her Campus followers!
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