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How Makeup is Both Fun AND Feminist!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

Every Monday night I turn into a mindless zombie and tune in to The Bachelor on ABC. Maybe I shouldnt have expected any better, but this years Bachelor said something a few episodes back that irked me. He walked into the room of women hes dating and woke them all up at 4 in the morning. Their first reaction is to squeal and hide their retainers, and then it cuts away to the Bachelor nobly declaring to the camera that he thinks the girls look more beautiful without makeup. Cue the swooning from every couch in America.


But beyond this somehow romantic statement is some thinly veiled sexism that women wear makeup to appear more attractive to men, and that men like women who are not like the other girlswho wear makeup. Its a catch-22: either you wear makeup and youre high maintenance, or you dont wear makeup and your appearance is judged. And this isnt the only issue. Makeup has long been seen as a problem for feminists. Commercials for beauty products, the pressure to wear it or not wear it, the opinions of others on your beauty style all of these can be problematic for feminists. But I consider myself a feminist, and I am obsessed with makeup. Its called Lipstick Feminism,and its a faction of third-wave feminism that seeks to embrace typically feminine concepts, including sexuality and makeup. So here it is: the case for how makeup can be seen as feminist.


First, the decision whether or not to wear makeup is feminist. Youre deciding what to do with your own body. And boys, heres some advice for you: if we do decide to wear makeup, we arent wearing it for you. Were wearing it for us. And we dont really care for your opinions about it. Feel free to throw that in our faces the next time we tell you to tuck your shirt in.


Putting on makeup in the morning is metime, and its a rebellious act. We are told over and over again that we arent pretty enough, and for half an hour every morning I get to sit in front of a mirror, look at myself, and think screw that!I get to accentuate my best features, feel better about my worst, and make my face into art. I get to spend time with just me and a mirror and feel good about myself that feels revolutionary.


Youtuber My Pale Skin posted a video a while ago called You Look Disgusting.She had posted some pictures of herself on social media wearing no makeup and revealed her acne. Over the course of 3 months, over 100,000 people commented on her face.

The comments were cruel: I cant even look at her.” “WTF is wrong with her face?” “Her face is so ugly.” “You look disgusting.The video then shows her applying makeup, and the comments change: You look beautiful!” “Youre so cute.” “I love your makeup.And then the comments change again: You wear too much makeup.” “This is false advertising.” “This is why I have trust issues.” “Trust no f*cking b*tch with makeup.


As she removes her makeup, the comments change one last time to reflect the people who have acne: Why is this happening to me?” “Makeup is my saviour.” “I get bullied because of my skin.” “Im learning to love myself.


It can sometimes feel like we cant win, until we realize that it doesnt matter what other people think its about how we feel about our choices.


And the same goes for men. There are men out there who want to wear makeup and who wish that it was more socially acceptable. But in the words of makeup artist Jaclyn Hill, You do you boo, and screw the rest!If you want to wear makeup, it doesnt matter where you fall on the gender spectrum. Do what feels right for you and own it! Manny Mua is an awesome Youtuber and self-proclaimed boy beauty bloggerwho proves that anyone can wear makeup if they want to.


People who wear makeup are not vain or obsessed with their looks. Its something that makes them feel good, and no one should judge them for that. No one is better or worse than anyone else because they do or dont wear makeup. You do you, boo!

Maggie is a 5th year Political Science and Law Specialization student at the University of Windsor. Originally from from Kitchener, Ontario, she is a proud feminist, vegetarian, and Netflix addict. She aspires to figure out what it is she aspires to do. Follow her on Twitter (@MaggieParkhill) or on Instagram (maggieparkhill).