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How To Make A Successful Sorority Recruitment Video

Whether it’s recruitment season or not, it’s never too late to start planning a recruitment video – here are some helpful tips on how your sorority can make the best recruitment video ever.

1. Pick an upbeat song that best describes your chapter

The music you choose to use will set the theme for the whole video – make sure to choose the right songs that have a nostalgic or catchy beat that the PNM’s will be whistling for weeks to come. If the tune is stuck on their mind – your sorority is stuck on their mind.


2. Your video should tell a story

The beginning of your video should be similar to the beginning of a story – open the page to your chapter with a shot of the outside of your sorority’s house while opening the doors or start off the video with a car ride symbolizing the beginning of a sisterhood adventure.



3. If you don’t have a yacht or live near a beach it’s OK

Not all sorority recruitment videos are filmed during spring break – you are not required to wear a bikini and stage a million dollar lifestyle. Instead, bring the video camera to sisterhood bonding events – show real sisterly connection on camera and show the PNM’s the fun things your sorority does together. And if you’re still stuck on that beach scene – find a pool and bring a bunch of donut and flamingo floaties – those seem to be a go to for recruitment videos.


4. Show Sorority Spirit

Wear your letters proudly – don’t hesitate to use letters as props and proudly wave your sorority’s flag. Your video should show that you are proud to be a member of your chapter and encourage PNM’s to want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


5. Don’t forget to have fun

Above all, your recruitment video should be fun to make – the more fun you have with it the better it will be! Besides, candid laughs always look better on camera.



So there you have it, follow these tips and your sorority will have the best recruitment video ever. Happy recruiting! XO


Melanie Renaud is a second year Digital Journalism and Communications, Media & Film double major student at the University of Windsor.