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The HCUWindsor Team on Being a Collegiate Woman

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UWindsor chapter.

Happy International Women’s Day! We are so lucky to be a group of women that celebrate not only our shared experience as university students but our diversity. To honour a day that we all hold close to us, we asked our team the following question: What is your favourite part about being a collegiate woman? Here’s what they had to say:

“My favourite thing is utilizing my newfound independence.” – Anonymous, 22, Psychology

“Feeling empowered.” – Anonymous, 19, Family and Social Relations

“Working towards my future career.” – Anonymous, 20, English Language and Literature

“My favourite part about being a collegiate woman is knowing that I am doing something productive for my future and myself. No matter where I am at the moment or how I feel about my future, I know that I am currently bettering myself through education and experience.” – Kelsey, 21, English Language and Literature 

“I think I’ve chosen a good major for myself (English and French) and so, as a collegiate woman, I enjoy reading and studying.” – Anna, 22, English, French, and Creative Writing

“The sense of unity. I love being able to know that I have a support system on-campus and that I can always turn to all of you for help – really makes the bad days, not so bad.” – Fatima, 21, Biology and Psychology with Thesis

“I love challenging norms in hopes to pave the way for future female students.” – Anonymous, 21, French Studies

“My favourite part is being able to meet like-minded individuals who share a passion for learning! Especially as a future teacher, I truly value the fact that I get to learn and grow as a person in a really accepting community.” – Samantha, 20, Concurrent Education/French Studies

“The education that I get. I feel more knowledgeable.” – Tichana, 26, Psychology

“Learning about and recognizing the beautiful power that women have, and being able to take pride in the amazing things we continue to accomplish.” – Heather, 22, English and Creative Writing

“Being challenged and having the confidence to face anything.” – Tina, 23, Biology

“Independence and opportunity to reach my full potential, both through my academics and on-campus involvement.” – Anonymous, 20, English Language and Literature

“My favourite thing is probably the exposure it brings. You’re constantly surrounded by different people who all have these amazing stories and they’re all coming to this one space that allows for so much positivity and learning. I think it opens up a lot of perspective for me as an individual, which causes a lot of growth. Looking back on how I was in high school, coming from a really small community, I think I’ve changed so much and I love having access to an education that allows me to progress.” – Kennedi, 21, English and Creative Writing

“The writing experience I have gained.” – Anonymous, 21, English Literature and Creative Writing


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Amy N

UWindsor '21

Amy is a University of Windsor alumni. She loves to read, write, dance, eat chocolate, and organize anything she can get her hands on. Being bilingual, she developed a love for languages at a very young age. 
Heather M

UWindsor '22

Heather received her BA[H] and MA in English Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Windsor, and she has a double minor in Psychology and Women's and Gender Studies. She enjoys hiking, writing experimental and disjunctive poetry, and wearing fuzzy socks.