Flash History - The University of Windsor

Do you like History? Probably not. Does it put you to sleep? Likely. Well unluckily for you this History major can’t get enough of the stuff. So buckle up collegiettes, you’re about to receive a flash history of the beginnings of none other than our very own University of Windsor.

The University planted its roots in 1857; that’s right, a big number of years ago (I’m not a math major). UWindsor was around before sliced bread and air conditioning! The school was founded even before good ol’ Canada itself! That my friends, is a long time ago. However it wasn’t Neanderthals that attended, Homo Sapiens did in fact exist that long ago. The school was originally open to men only,  and eventually everyone would realize what a mistake that was, but that would be much later.

The school that opened in 1857 wasn’t actually called University of Windsor, in part because the city of Windsor as we know it was still in it’s toddler stages, but also because it was not yet a University. The school was called Assumption College (insert pun about assumptions), founded by Reverend Pierre Point. The focus of the college was to prepare young men to be theologians of Roman Catholicism, few other courses were offered. Do you think frosh week hosted dirty bingo back then?

Fast forward to 1950 and the moment we’ve all been waiting for - women were finally welcomed to the college to get more knowledge. Yes, it took an entire century. And six years later, in 1956 the college became Assumption University. By this time the institution finally decided that offering only one area of study was boring, so courses in Science, Mathematics, Physics, Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, Geology and Geography were newly available.

Just years later in 1963, the school’s name was changed to the University of Windsor, setting off down the path to become the University we all know and love... or hate depending on the day.


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