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Five Netflix Original Series That Deserve More Hype

Throughout quarantine, we have most likely all watched a lot of Netflix content. When you think of Netflix originals, you probably think about the most popular ones, such as Orange is The New Black, Stranger Things, and 13 Reasons Why. However, I notice that Netflix comes out with a lot of original content that goes unnoticed (2769 hours to be exact – that’s about 115 days of content). I enjoy watching Netflix’s original content because it manages to be highly binge-able, and unique content in comparison to the other shows available on the platform. If you feel like you’re out of Netflix content to watch, I’ve got you covered! Here are five underrated Netflix originals that I watched and think you should check out too!


Trinkets tells the story of three unlikely friends who meet in Shoplifters Anonymous. The show covers multiple topics, including same-sex relationships, racial profiling, and sexual abuse. The most notable topic discussed is the idea of addictions, which is uniquely shown through shoplifting, unlike other typical TV addictions. I would recommend this show because the friendship between the girls is so sweet, and their loyalty towards each other is something that can be seen within every personal friendship. The shoplifting scenes also give off minor thriller genre vibes, which makes the scenes very interesting to watch.

Masters of None

Masters of None follows the life of an immigrant named Dev, who is a struggling actor looking for love, who also has a passion for Italian food. The show takes us through his life of trying to pursue an acting career, navigate the dating world, and includes many discussions around the immigrant experience. I enjoy this show because of its descriptive and honest, yet positive, storyline. As well, Aziz Ansari is one of my favourite comedians, so getting to see him in a show was very enjoyable for me.

American Vandal

This show is probably my all-time favourite Netflix original. American Vandal is a true-crime mockumentary that tells the story of two boys who are trying to figure out who drew inappropriate images on the teachers’ cars in their school parking lot. When watching this show I found it to be wildly entertaining because it included a ton of hilarious lines said completely deadpan, which makes them even more comedic. I would recommend this show because it is a true-crime comedy like you have never seen before. Between the hilarious inappropriate jokes, the funny interview moments, and how easily bingeable it is being eight 30-minute episodes per season.

The Politician

This is another one of my favourite shows. The Politician is a political satire that showcases the story of Peyton Hobart running to be school president, presented as if he is running for president of the country. The show stars many popular names, including Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Zoey Deutch. I enjoyed this show because it found a way to give character development to all of the major and minor characters throughout the series and included a lot of interesting plotlines. It also included an episode regarding the voter perspective that you don’t see much about in the show, which adds a fresh view to the plotline.


Hollywood is a limited series directed by popular showrunner Ryan Murphy (known for his work on Glee). The show tells the story of a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in the post-World War II film industry who will do anything (and I mean ANYTHING) to make it big. This show includes many topics that would be considered taboo in the era it is set in, such as racial equality and same-sex relationships. Being a communication, media and film major, I enjoyed watching this series because of its film production aspects. I also enjoyed the show because it took the 1960s film industry and put a modern twist on it.

Happy bingeing!

I am a 2nd year student in the Communication, Media and Film program at UWindsor, and I am the social Media Director and a writer for my school's HerCampus! Tech-wise, I love graphic design, TV/film and social media marketing, which is why I plan to go into advertising! I also love watching movies and TV Shows, self-care, and spending time with friends!
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