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Five Fall Lipstick Must-Haves

One of the most popular trends from the fall fashion lineup is a diverse and colourful lipstick palette. This article will be highlighting the popular shades of lipstick from the fall fashion lineup.


Here are five lipstick shades that have been worn by models on the runway that can easily be worn by many girls on the UWindsor campus.


Before you choose the perfect lip colour for the day, make sure to prep your lips!

If your lips are dry/chapped, try using a lip scrub to soften your lips for smoother application of lip product.  Mix honey, sugar, and Vaseline together, than apply this scrub to your lips, rubbing the mixture well over the lip surface to ensure proper exfoliation.  Wash the mixture off after about five minutes, and enjoy your smooth lips!

Make sure to conceal your lips, and then apply a lip liner matching in shade to your lipstick, prior to applying the lipstick shade.  This will prevent the need to reapply the lipstick as often throughout the day by making sure the colour stays bold and does not fade as easily.

1. Red

Red lipstick works for all seasons, but for this season particularly as opposed to others, you can feel free to experiment with a variety of shades of red from fire truck red to crimson. You can never go wrong with wearing a bold red lipstick with a little black dress to a dinner or a party. This outfit is perfect for any formal occasion.

How to find your skin’s undertone:

If you’re not sure what shade of red will look good on you, try looking at the undertone in your skin.  Warm shades of red often look good on warm skin colours, so try a red lipstick with an orange undertone.  If you have a cooler undertone, then try a lipstick with a blue undertone.


2. Dark Brown
One of the most famous lipstick looks from the ‘90s was dark brown lipstick, and this season, it came back into style! One of the most popular shades of brown to sport is “Chocolate Brown”.  One of the more popular looks achieved with brown lipstick is a vampy look!  To get this look apply brown lipstick, and then apply some red lipstick to the center of your lips.  

Brown lipstick is also perfect for girls who like natural make-up looks. You can pair brown lipstick with coral blush and bronzed eye make-up for a subtle look. Corals and other bronzy colours will balance out the brown lipstick.

3. Berry

Glossy berry lipstick colours were worn on many of the fashion runways for fall. Berry colours work for make-up looks for both day and night. Two of the most popular berry colours worn were black cherry and plum!

Tip: Bold lips are already a big statement, so feel free to pair your berry lips with a subtle eye look such as a cat eye with some mascara.

4. Violet

Surprisingly, violet is one of the most versatile fall lip colours! It looks good on all skin tones, and it’s not a typical fall shade, like orange.

Tip: If you’re wearing a violet lipstick, wear one that is long lasting, that way it won’t be messy and you won’t have to worry about constantly reapplying the colour.

5. Nude

Nude lipsticks go well with every season’s makeup trends! Try pairing another major fall makeup trend, a bold eye, with a nude lip if you are going for a subtler look. Nude lipstick is perfect to wear anywhere, whether it’s class, shopping, or to a party.

While it can be challenging to pick out the perfect look each day, hopefully these lipstick tips will make your morning routine that much easier!



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