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    If you haven’t heard of the subscription box called FabFitFun, you should definitely check it out. it’s a seasonal subscription, meaning you get it four times a year, and it is $49.99 per box. Each box comes with full sized beauty, and fitness items. I recently decided to give it a try and bought the 2016 Spring subscription box.  Here were the items and what I thought of them:

1. The first thing I got in my box is a kitchen herb garden DIY kit. According to the flyer that describes each item, “The kit gives you all the tools you need to grow mint, thyme and basil.” This kit retails at $35. Personally, I’m not much of a gardener and this is not something that I would usually buy, however it’s a great way to try new things and I will definitely give it a go.


2. The next thing in the box is a yoga mat strap. It says that this strap can be used to carry your mat as an alternative to a yoga mat bag and can also be used for certain exercises. It retails at $14.99. Again, this is not something I would normally use, however it encourages you to be fit and, if you don’t do yoga already, to maybe give it a try.

3. The next set of items includes Keratin gloves and socks. They are an, “All in one hand and foot treatment that strengthens nails and moisturizes skin with the benefit of Keratin.” This retails for $9.98. Keratin is amazing for skin and has so many benefits that I am excited to try it out and see what it does for my skin. This is a product that, if it works and benefits me, I would buy again.



4. Next is a bath bomb set. It comes with three scents: Wake Up, Deep Breath, and Love Potion. These are made with all-organic ingredients. This is an amazing set that retails for $28. Everyone loves using bath bombs as they are very relaxing after a long, stressful day. Adding three bath bombs to this box is amazing. Even if you didn’t use bath bombs before, you can try them out and probably fall in love with them now.


5. Argan oil is the next product in the box. This product retails for $22.99. I for one am very excited about this product as oil has helped my hair after it has been dried out due to bleach. Some of these oils can get quite expensive and it’s always nice to experiment with the different types of oils for your hair.


6. Next is a shaving lotion called Hello Legs, retailing at  $19.95. This is quite a high price considering the small bottle, which makes it a great item for a subscription box. Having already used this product, I can say that it makes my legs so smooth, did not affect my sensitive skin at all, and smells amazing.



7. The next, and definitely one of the most exciting items, is a contour palette by the brand ISH, which retails at $32. Contouring is very in right now, which makes contouring palettes perfect for a box such as FabFitFun. The palette comes with four colours and instructions on how to use the kit. I personally am not that into contouring and therefore had not purchased a contour kit, however, wanting to give in and try it is a lot more tempting now that I have one and I am quite excited to test it out.



8. The last actual product is a necklace retailing for $65. This is the most expensive, and in my opinion, the best item in the box. There are four necklace options that your box can have. They are all the gold bar necklaces, each with a different word. The word possibilities are: happy, inspire, dream, and love. I got the happy necklace and I already love wearing it.


9. The next two items are gift cards for online websites, the first one being a $25 card to the website 31 Bits. This website sells handmade jewellery by women in Uganda who are trying to make a better life for themselves and not live in poverty. This is an amazing cause and their jewellery is absolutely gorgeous.


10. The last item is another card worth $30 for Sterling Forever. This website has very stylish and trendy jewellery of many kinds for anyone. I have already chosen what I would like to order from this website and am glad that I was able to discover is through this box.


As you can see, subscription boxes such as FabFitFun are an amazing way to try new products and give some things a shot that you may not have tried before. Try out a subscription box today! If you are further interested in subscription boxes, check out this article that further discusses my thoughts of them. http://www.hercampus.com/school/uwindsor/subscription-boxes-are-they-wor…

Hi everyone, my name is Sadie and I am a third year student studying Sociology. My hobbies include reading, writing, horseback riding, and eating sushi with friends.
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