Dec 6, 2016: The Womyn’s Centre will Honour the Women Murdered in the École Polytechnique Massacre

On the 27th anniversary of the Montreal massacre at L’ecole Polytechnique, the Womyn’s center is hosting The National Day of Remembrance of Action and on Violence Against Women. This will include its annual candle-lit vigil and rose ceremony at 5:30PM at the Memorial of Hope on campus. There is a reception that follows in the Ambassador auditorium in the CAW Student Centre at 6:00PM.

In an invitation sent out to the community earlier this month, the organizers stated, “Our intention is to uphold the University of Windsor tradition of not only recognizing the significance of the loss of these women but also to educate the community on the pervasiveness of violence against women in our society.”

The tragic event took place on December 6, 1989 at E’cole Polytechnique, an engineering school of Universite de Montreal, where a twenty-five-year-old male student wounded 14 students and killed 14 women because he hated “feminists”. The anniversary of the tragic event has been designated as the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.

I hope that the Windsor/Essex community will be able to unite this upcoming December 6 in honour of the victims and take a stand against violence against women.