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CJAM Programs You Should Listen To

CJAM Programs You Should Listen To


Has you music routine become stale? We’ve all been in music ruts before: listening to the same songs over and over again, wanting something new but our streaming services just keep recommending more of the same. Well, consider going outside of your comfort zone and check out the University of Windsor’s very own radio station: CJAM.


CJAM is a student-run radio station, broadcasting out of the CAW basement. It is open weekdays during the day and has a CD library available to students. Unlike most radio stations, with CJAM you never have to worry about hearing the songs you’ve already heard a thousand times. Asper their mandate, CJAM does not play hits, which leaves them with everything else.


So, for those yearning to discover music new, old, and from a multitude of genres, here are some of my favourite CJAM programs.


The Canadian Jam

Devoted to music made by Canadian artist, expand your knowledge of Canada’s music scene with this variety show spanning any and all genres.


Gayo Groovie

Devoted to music made by and for the LGBTQ+ community, diversify the artists in your music library and check out this groovy broadcast.


Following the current

Like having your hand on the pulse of the music scene, Following the Current will keep you up to date on what’s happening in the music world outside of the pop sphere.


No Scrubs

While this is not a music program, No Scrubs is a great program to listen to if you want  to take a break from music and learn some things. It is a talk show hosted by two UWindsor nursing students who discuss  various health and medical topics, with a focus on student health care. It is an interesting and informative listen, providing a student perspective on a subject usually dominated by the older generations.


Not Your Boys Club

The feminist music program you’ve been waiting for, Not Your Boys Club features garage band and punk music created by women, both cis and trans, and non-binary folks -- no boys allowed.


Everything’s No Good

For those like me who enjoy some good indie rock Everything’s No Good is the radio program you’ve been waiting for. A program loaded with indie music, new and old.


In The Garage

Cater to your inner punk and check out In The  Garage the show that proves punk isn’t dead but very much alive.



My first true love of CJAM, Oracle is a psychedelic dream come true, playing new and old tunes with a late 60s and early 70s psychedelic rock vibe.


Tune in at 99.1 FM, stream through the myUWindsor app, or check them out on their website http://cjamlog3.cjam.ca/, and discover CJAM for yourself. With archives of past programs posted online, your favourite show never has to end -- and you never have to worry about creating a study playlist ever again.



Zoe Parco

UWindsor '19

Before I started writing this I googled "how to write a website bio", and a key piece of advice I picked up was "to be authentic".  However one has to wonder if authenticity is possible when one is trying to be authentic- and in this world of online media, where the selling feature is the supposed authenticity (these are real people like you!) are we really experiencing other peoples lives or a fabricated copy of their realities.  Anyway I'm studying biology and communications at the University of Windsor, my favourite movie is subject to change; although it is currently Trainspotting (1996), and I am a Capricorn.   
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