A Cinematic Summer

One of my favourite activities to pass time is to watch a movie. Like reading, it’s an effortless way to transport myself out of my life and explore the world. Being a student on a budget, reading and movies are my cheapest tickets to different countries. And luckily for us, 2019 brings a summer of amazing movies to explore. Here are a few awesome films to add to your Movie Passport this summer!


Delve into the land of love with Long Shot

Location: Columbia

When: March 9

 Follow the story of Charlotte Fields, a famous politician who hires a journalist to be her personal writer, but that’s not the only interesting part. The journalist was the child she used to babysit. I wonder how that dynamic plays out in their relationship! It will definitely be something to see!


Be dazzled by the magic and beauty of Arabia with Aladdin

Location: Arabia

When: May 23

Image result for aladdin poster 2019Everyone knows about the popular love story of a street urchin named Aladdin who falls for the sultan’s daughter, Jasmine. When he, fortunately, finds the lamp of a magical genie capable of granting him any wish, a wonderful and thrilling adventure begins. In the heart of beautiful, colourful Arabia, delve into culture and a romantic journey. With Will Smith playing the genie, this movie is sure to be a comedic delight!


Fly into the middle of action in Eastern Asia with Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Location: Japan

When: May 30

Related imageKing of the Monsters is the 35th installment of Godzilla, a long-standing classic, featuring the same terrifying monster that has entertained countless generations! Except it comes with a few cool additions, namely talented Millie Bobby Brown, the brilliant Vera Farmiga, and Kyle Chandler.

Take an out-of-this-world vacation with (the) Men in Black: International

Location: Earth

When: June 13

Related imageSpeaking of Will Smith, Men in Black: International follows his legacy of the Men in Black Trilogy. Join Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Liam Neeson as they delve into the mystery of a suspicious mole within their agency. With aliens, monsters and an international trip into multiple dimensions, get ready for a hilarious new-take on a classic.


Take a road trip into your imagination with Toy Story 4

Location: America

When: June 20

Image result for toy story 4poster 2019

The fantastic story that’s captured many hearts returns for a fourth film filled with new adventures. When a new toy joins Woody’s friends, a road trip ensues where the toys explore the world. Join these comedic, friendly characters on a trip of a lifetime as they explore just how big the world can be!


Explore Europe with Spider-Man: Far From Home

Location: Europe

When: July 5

Image result for spider man come home poster 2019

The adventure never ends when you’re a superhero. When Peter Parker embarks on a relaxing school trip to Europe, he realizes that villains aren’t restricted to America! Tour Europe with Peter as he joins forces with Mysterio to fight new battles with epic new villians in this action-packed movie!


Explore the magnificent golden savannah with The Lion King

Location; Kenya, Africa

When: July 18


Based on one of the most cherished films of the last two decades, the Lion King revamped in beautifully shot realism is bound to capture the hearts of those who fell in love with its original animated 1994 counterpart. With its marvelous cinematography, transport yourself and experience the golden Savannah alongside Simba and his animal friends.


Take a trip into madness with Joker

Location: Gotham City

When: October 3

Related image

The trailer says it all: this film is a chilling art piece of identity, shattered dreams, and the exploration of character growth. When a  comedian fails to establish himself in a demanding industry, a new villain is born. Wander through beautiful Gotham City with Arthur Flex in this upcoming psychological thriller that’s bound to have you at the edge of your seat.



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