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This October, I celebrated my first year with Bart.That was how I knew it was time for Bart’s yearly check in with the vet. While in Windsor, I had an idea of where I was going to take him and since they already had his files, I wasn’t worried about his medical files getting lost.With COVID-19 and my move to Peterborough, I ended up having to search all over the house to find his records, only to discover I had lost them in the move. So I approached my local vet empty-handed with no idea of Bart’s previous health history, except that he had gotten his shots a year ago.

Getting Bart into his carrier was not difficult, though most cats hate their carriers. Bart sees his as a toy, and I left it out a few days previously to get him used to it before I stuffed him away. I knew from past experience that Bart releases his bladder when scared, so I lined the carrier with a dog training pad and together we stepped out the door for Bart’s first adventure since returning to Peterborough.

The trip was uneventful. Bart, being used to travelling, let out the occasional meow to remind me of his irritation, but otherwise, was pretty content. Upon arrival, we waited outside the back door to be received. Due to COVID-19, I couldn't enter with Bart and I had to hand him off to the vet. While waiting, I reached into the carrier to comfort him, but he wasn’t scared. Instead, he took the opportunity to shove his head out into the big wide world and sniff around... until I shoved him back in. 

When the vet assistant came, I let him go reluctantly, and what followed was pure anxiety (though I’m sure it was a relief for the veterinarian not to have me in the examination room). After Bart had gone, I couldn’t bear to leave and spent the hour pacing outside the clinic despite the cold, huddled up in a sweater to try to keep warm.

Eventually, the call came and Bart was ready to be returned to me. When my diamond-nosed boy was back in my arms, I felt so relieved. Bart being Bart barely noticed and instead continued to look around with his big curious eyes.  For Bart, the trip was an adventure rather than the terrifying journey it was for me.

Bridget Heuvel

UWindsor '22

Bridget is a writer for Her Campus Windsor. She's an English Language and Literature student at the University of Windsor who has a love of chocolate, wandering at night, and all things literature.
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