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Being a full-time student can be challenging sometimes. Whether it’s dealing with studying, balancing school and a job, or just handling your finances, it can be hard to juggle everything at once. But one of the things that we’re lucky to have in our day and age are smartphones in our back pocket, which have the power to do a variety of things, and one of the things it can do is help us make our university lives a lot less stressful. So, if you’re looking for some apps to help elevate your University career, check out these 6 apps below!


SPC (also known as the Student Price Card) is a student discount card that allows you to get discounts on EVERYTHING, from tech and school supplies to food and clothing. With over 450 deals available, almost every store you visit will have a deal for this card. In order to use the app, you first need to purchase an SPC card for $10 at one of the participating stores, such as Shoppers or American Eagle, so that you can get a code in order to access your discounts; however, if you bank with CIBC you can get this card for free with your debit or credit card! Next, download the app and make your account, and after that, you have access to all the amazing discounts! Being a university student, saving my money is very important to me, and having an SPC card does just that with all these amazing discounts!


I have never been much of a flashcard kind of person, but after finishing my first year of online university, I found that Quizlet was an app I heavily relied on when it came to studying for exams. Quizlet is a flashcard app so that you can practice your flashcards wherever you go. I mainly used Quizlet to study all of the definitions I have in my classes but you can also do fill in the blank or response questions (so long as you have an exact response). Quizlet is also not just an app for you to do digital flashcard flipping with, but they also have different study modes including Learn (the longest study mode that consists of multiple choice and type in the answers responses), write, match, and test (consists of multiple choice, written response, and T/F questions). I found this to be super beneficial because I could study for my exams wherever I was and didn’t have to worry about carrying physical cards around.

Skip the Dishes

Out of all the food delivery apps, Skip the Dishes has got to be my absolute favourite. Skip the Dishes is a delivery app that allows you to order from all your favourite restaurants and bring the food directly to your door! Skip the dishes does not just deliver fast food like other food service apps, but it also allows you to order food from local businesses and restaurants in your area! Whenever you order from the app, you can earn rewards and special discounts toward future purchases to keep the prices of your order low! I love Skip the Dishes because being a university student on a busy schedule with lots of things to do, they allow meals to be at my door ASAP for when I don’t have time to cook! As well, another reason why Skip the Dishes is a great app for students is that you can apply to be a Skip the Dishes driver right from the app! So, when you aren’t doing schoolwork and looking to make some cash you can easily log onto the app and start delivering orders!

Google Sheets

I LOVE Google Sheets, okay? That may sound like a nerdy comment, but it is extremely helpful when it comes to organizing myself. While university students do get free access to Microsoft Office (which I fully use to my advantage, including Microsoft Excel), I find that Google sheets is more user-friendly when it comes to organizing myself. Two main things that I do when using Google Sheets is a general weekly schedule and my budgeting plan. For the weekly schedule, I can easily layout a timetable in Google Sheets of all my classes, and then schedule my job, eating times, and other weekly events or meetings around that schedule. By doing this I am able to see everything visually. I also like to sort different activities by colour, so I know what type of thing I’m doing when. I also love using Google Sheets for Budgeting. I have tabs dedicated to my spending history, my general monthly budget, as well as a needs and wants list so I can prioritize what I need to buy each month and what I can leave until later. By doing all of this on Google Sheets, it allows me to keep my university life organized in a visual manner. 


Are you more of a digital notetaker? I personally am, but sometimes when in-person you get handed physical pieces of paper and are not sure what to do with them. This brings me to CamScanner. CamScanner is an app where you can take pictures of physical documents and convert them to PDF’s right from your phone with no physical scanner required! 

Apple Calendar

So, I’m using Apple Calendar as my title here as I primarily use Apple products, but Google Calendar is also a great option! While I do love using my physical planner to go week by week. Having a calendar on my phone has helped me so much when it comes to keeping my life together. Whether it’s laying out my lecture times, meetings, or geting together with friends, it helps me keep track of what I have going on when! What I also love about calendar apps like these is that they don’t only lay things out for me as a calendar, but I can also lay everything out as a timetable so that I can make sure that I don’t overlap any events. As well, with Apple Calendar and Google Calendar specifically, you can have it sync across all of your devices, so you never miss a notification! My one tip when using digital calendars: Always set your meetings to notify you 30 minutes in advance! That way in case you forget, you still have a 30-minute window to prepare yourself for the next thing on your to-do list!

And there you have it! 6 amazing apps to take your university lives to the next level. Happy downloading!

I am a 2nd year student in the Communication, Media and Film program at UWindsor, and I am the social Media Director and a writer for my school's HerCampus! Tech-wise, I love graphic design, TV/film and social media marketing, which is why I plan to go into advertising! I also love watching movies and TV Shows, self-care, and spending time with friends!
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