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7 Ways You Can Support Black Lives Matter



In the past year, we have seen many protests surrounding Black Lives Matter. These protests have brought a lot of attention to the cause, yet some people are still unsure of their place and what they can do to support this cause while also using their voices productively. As allies, we must recognize our privilege and navigate tools and resources that will best help us speak up for, but not over, Black Lives Matter while also doing what we can in our current situations d. Here, I have created a list of things that you can do to help support Black Lives Matter and the Black community.


1. Donate to Black Lives Matter specific causes

Please make sure that you donate to causes that actually have Black lives in mind, as some places try to profit off the BLM movement. Some of these credible causes to donate to include:

Black Legal Action Center

Justice For Regis Korchinski Paquet

Black Women in Motion

Black in BC Community Support Fund for COVID-19

Black Health Alliance

Band Gallery

2. Attend a protest

There are constantly protests taking place for Black Lives Matter, or justice for people of colour who have been killed. Look at local websites or influencers near you to find out when the next one is, and if there isn’t any then take leadership and create one yourself! And remember to be safe and wear a mask! A pandemic doesn’t mean we stop fighting for justice.

3. Sign petitions

Take part in signing petitions that advocate for Black people’s rights. Some helpful links can be found below: 


Hands Up Act

We Are Done Dying

National Action Against Police Brutality

Justice For Jacob Blake

Justice For Belly Mujinga

Justice For Tony Mcdade

Justice For Jennifer Jeffley

Justice for Muhammad Muhaymin Jr.

Pass the Black History Education Bill

Ban the Use of Rubber Bullets for Crowd Control

4. Use your vote

Use your vote in political campaigns and in your work environments to speak up for people of colour. Make sure that you are making a decision that will not only benefit yourself, but also the communities of colour. Also, do your best to get Black or people of colour involved in voting themselves. If this isn’t possible for them, you can vote for them while ensuring that you’re checking in with them to amplify their voices.

5. Listen to those around you

When you listen to those around you about their experiences, ensure that you aren’t taking a defensive stance and that you are truly engaging yourself in listening. People of colour definitely have stories about things that they have experienced, and listening to this and using your voice can be really helpful to the change in society. Don’t feel as if you need to speak for them, but simply learn to elevate their voices and make sure that they are heard!

6. Do your research!

Make sure that you do your research before providing any input on Black Lives Matter. Sure, you might agree with what you’ve seen other people post, but also look into this subject for yourself. Challenge your current ideas of what you think it’s like to be a Black person. Check into statistics on violence against Black people, and challenge the stereotypes you believe and take part in keeping alive.

7. Support Black business owners

There are many businesses that are owned by Black people, and we don’t even realize it! There are also companies that haven’t been featured much, and don’t get as much recognition. Supporting small businesses helps them to grow while also supporting families. Here’s a list of Canadian online stores by Black business owners:


Custom designed women’s and children’s handbags and accessories, that truly reflect the beauty, pride, and strength of the Black community. 

NancyK Boutique

African Fashion at affordable prices for women to feel good about themselves.

White Rhino

A shop for designer, cruelty-free, vegan leather fabric bags.

Royal Raine

A clothing brand that offers unique clothing for women. It is their mission to offer distinctive fashion for 100% customer satisfaction.

Omi Woods 

Jewelry items that are contemporary heirlooms that celebrate connections to Africa and her diaspora.

Good Goddess

A contemporary outlook on premium wellness, taking the confusion out of getting healthy.

A Cookie Called Quest

Plant-based, vegan cookies that actually taste good while keeping texture. Check it out, and you’re sure to find some of your favourites!.

Makeup for Melanin Girls

Makeup that is made especially for people with deeper skin tones who can’t find anything that matches their skin tone correctly!

Shaye is a third-year Women and Gender studies student, who is very interested in writing about feminism. She is involved with the Sexual Misconduct Office, the Women and Gender Studies student association, and she is also a writer for HerCampus UWindsor. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, watching Netflix and hanging out with her bearded dragon, Minerva.
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