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7 Classic Halloween Movies to Binge-Watch this Spooky Season

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With Halloween just around the corner, it is the best time to binge-watch the spookiest movies! Grab your popcorn and get ready for the ultimate movie night. This list will have the best top 7 classic Halloween movies of all-time!

1) Scream (1996)

This rated-R movie is filled with blood and gore, yet it is also hilarious. It can promise nightmares for kids, but to others, the cliché of self-aware characters can seem hilarious! This movie is about a young girl and her friends and a year after the murder of her mom, they are being stalked by a psychotic a white masked serial killer, who has a thirst for revenge.

2) Edward Scissorhands (1990)

This movie is about the unlikely love story between a man with scissor blades as hands and a young girl who shows him the world. It is a great movie about the journey of Edward’s self-discovery and demonstrates the challenge of being accepted into society.

3) Ghostbusters (1984)

The Halloween comedy classic is a must-watch this season. It is a great family friendly option for a movie night. This movie is about the ghostbusters saving New York from destruction and chaos, by setting up traps for ghosts, spirits and other supernatural creatures.

4) Child’s Play (1988)

Chucky, the notorious doll that has been giving children nightmares since the 1980s, stars in this must-watch spooky movie. A doll, possessed by a serial killer, is alive and on a killing spree. Andy, the owner of the doll, needs to fight for his life and warn others of the murderous, possessed doll.

5) Halloweentown (1998)

A classic family friendly Halloween movie that is based on the story of a young witch who struggles to balance her normal life with her enchanted home. The plot follows the adventure of her and her grandmother saving Halloweentown from evil forces.  

6) The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

This movie follows the quest of Jack Skellington, the pumpkin king of HalloweenTownwho is bored of the same Halloween routine year by year. He discovers Christmas Town and is determined to bring Christmas to Halloween Town. His well-meaning mission accidentally causes too much confusion and chaos. This is a classic, family-friendly movie that is a must-watch this Halloween!

7) Casper (1995)

This movie gives the ultimate throwback to childhood. eloved Casper the friendly ghost meets the late therapist and his daughter at a haunted mansion. They are on a mission to remove the unwanted ghosts of the house using humor with a touch of darkness.

These movies give Halloween a spookier feel with jump scares, screaming, comedy and unlikely love. They are perfect to binge-watch on your next movie night with friends and family, and guarantee a thrilling night!

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