5 YouTube Influencers You Should Know About

It’s everyone’s guilty pleasure – suddenly your biology exam in the morning isn’t really that important when you get the notification that your favourite vlogger has uploaded their new video on YouTube. While it can certainly be distracting, YouTube is a great platform to find a plethora of videos about any topic under the sun. No matter who you are or what you’re into, there’s someone out there for you. Below is a list of my personal favourite YouTubers; and maybe they’ll catch your eye as well.

1.     Maddie Cidlik


Maddie Cidlik is a 20-year old beauty and fashion YouTuber from New Jersey, and her channel has seen exponential growth – recently hitting over 100,000 subscribers. Maddie focuses on fashion hauls, makeup tutorials, and college lifestyle videos. She is my favourite content creator because of how relatable she is. I love keeping up to date with her weekly videos!


2.     Sarah Burgett


Sarah Burgett is a 21-year old lifestyle YouTuber from Cincinnati, Ohio. While she’s been on YouTube for around 7 years, I discovered Sarah around 2 years ago and have been subscribed ever since. Sarah puts a positive spin on every video; her uplifting outlook on life leaves me feeling inspired after every video I watch, whether it’s a ‘get ready with me’ or a fitness vlog.


3.     Olivia Jade


Olivia is a California-based beauty YouTuber who is probably the most well-known among my favourites. She is a Sephora ambassador and typically posts makeup videos or daily vlogs, taking viewers through her upper-class lifestyle while remaining incredibly humble. My favourite videos from Olivia are her weekly vlogs; seeing into her daily life is always entertaining.


4.     Love Lynnea


Lynnea is a much more niche YouTuber, posting details of her life as a law school graduate located in Ontario. She has videos on every aspect of the law school process, from studying for the LSAT, to taking notes in law school, to landing summer placements. Being that I want to go to law school, this channel is a go-to for learning more about the process I will soon become a part of. Even if law school isn’t your dream, there are many career-oriented content creators on YouTube to discover.  


5.     Siena Mirabella


Siena is the very first YouTuber I subscribed to, while I was in high school. She posts beauty, fashion, and lifestyle videos and is based out of California. My personal favourite aspect of her videos is the organization that comes out of each one. Many of her videos focus around maintaining organization in one’s life, offering tips such as making to-do lists or cleaning out useless clutter. Siena is a great content creator to watch if you’re looking for helpful tips to improve your productivity and motivation.


Whether you’re looking to improve your ability to do a smokey-eye, to find inspiration to get to the gym, or to increase organization and productivity in your daily work space, these YouTubers have you covered. So, the next time you’re taking a “study break”, or are just in need of a distraction, head over to YouTube and check out some new channels.