5 Things that Cheer Me Up When I'm Down

Everyone gets into those down moods every now and again. You feel sad for any number of reasons and sometimes you don't know what to do in order to get your spirits up again. Personally, I do love hanging out with friends and seeing people but if I'm upset or just not in the best of moods, being around people doesn't help. Here are 5 things that don't involve social interaction that I recommend trying when you're feeling blue.

1. Immerse Yourself in Nature.

               Nature just makes everyone feel better, whether it be a forest, a beach, or just a small park with a few trees, there's just something about being outside and around nature that makes me feel better.

2. Watch Sad Movies

               Sometimes when you're sad you just it can actually make you feel better to cry for a different reason. Sad movies are perfect for this. Some recommendations would be My Sister's Keeper, UP, Bambi, and The Notebook.

3. Food

               Now I'm not saying to eat your feelings or anything, but a slice of pie, or a few scoops of ice cream can actually do wonders when you're upset. Sweet foods just make you feel better.

4. Taking a Drive

               This is my personal favourite, there's nothing that makes me feel better than getting in my car, blasting a good song and just driving around for a while. It's nice to be alone for a bit and just take some time to yourself.

5. Crafting

               Finding a cool craft on Pinterest and giving it a try is a fun way to get your mind off whatever is making you sad. It also gives you a chance to try something new and then you have an adorable craft to show for it when you're done.


               It's okay to be sad, and as much as lying laying in bed and thinking about why you're sad is probably what sounds most appealing, give any of these a shot and see if it helps next time you're feeling down.