5 Must Have Fashion Pieces for Fall

Since fall has arrived, I think we can all agree that both the under and overestimation of the weather has caused us to be unprepared in the fashion department. Throughout this time of year, one day it is humid and sunny, and the next, it is windy and damp. To avoid the horrible outcome of unawareness, we must always be prepared! Below are listed five must have pieces in your closet this fall to triumph any misjudgment of weather:

Casual Sweater

Having a casual sweater on-hand is always essential throughout the fall season as you can just throw it on if a classroom becomes chilly, and remove it and tie it around your waist if you become heated on the walk to your next class.

Compact Umbrella

A compact umbrella is so important to store in your bag or car through the fall season. With the unpredictable weather we have been experiencing, you can never judge when the next downpour may occur.

Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are a great accessory for fall. Not only are they stylish, but they also provide a ton of warmth and can be worn in multiple ways.  

Wool Socks

There is nothing worse than experiencing cold feet when your boots just don’t provide enough warmth when the wind is blowing. Wool socks are great to layer under your boots as they can be pulled up to under your knee for maximum warmth!

Cable Knit Gloves

Gloves are a great accessory to keep in your bag since you can throw them on whenever you feel chilly, and they don’t take up any space in your bag! They also make a great hand protector when holding hot tea or coffee!

I hope these must have pieces in your closet have inspired you to stay warm this fall season! Thank you for reading today.

XOXO HC Readers.