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5 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes


Find yourself in the category of, “Oh no! Halloween is tomorrow!” and you forgot to buy a costume? Don’t panic! Here are five last-minute costumes you can build from items in your closet.


1) Any character from Mean Girls

If you’re a blonde, brunette, or redhead, just put on every pink or girly item you own and go as Regina George, Karen Smith, Gretchen Wieners, or Cady Heron. If you’ve got black hair or don’t even have to pretend to be Punk Rock, Janis Ian is a great choice.


2) 90’s Queen

You know you probably have enough 90’s fashion items to create an over-the-top costume. Say hello to mom jeans, striped shirts, crushed velvet, and mini-backpacks. Also, Nirvana t-shirts are always a good choice.


3) Pop Art

The best part about this costume is that you can wear whatever you want. Even if you’re not great with makeup, there are plenty of YouTube tutorials to help you out! Try some of these:

Pop Art Halloween Makeup Tutorial 

Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup Tutorial

Pop Art/Comic Book Makeup Tutorial Emma Pickles 


4) “Error 404: Costume Not Found”

A friend tried this a few years ago and won a costume contest! Use any plain t-shirt you don’t mind altering and write, “Error 404: Costume Not Found” on it in permanent marker.


5) Wednesday Addams

Layer a dark sweater over a white button-down shirt, grab a dark skirt and dark leggings, then put your hair in two braids – that’s it!


I hope you’ve found these useful, Collegiettes. Have a safe and happy Halloween!

I am one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus UWindsor. I am enrolled in English & Creative Writing and Visual Arts. Art, music, and writing are my obsessions! But my heart also belongs to books and big dogs.
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