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5 Holiday Playlists You Should Check Out on Spotify

One of my favourite ways to get in the spirit around the holidays is to listen to Christmas music. Whether I’m walking to class, doing laundry, or shopping online for gifts, everything is better with festive music! Below are a few of my favourite holiday music playlists on Spotify (sorry Apple Music users!):


1.     Christmas Hits

This playlist is perfect for when you’re looking to find all the radio Christmas hits in one playlist. Including popular artists like Mariah Carey and Michael Bublé, Christmas Hits is a go-to for decorating your house or wrapping gifts!


2.     Christmas Coffeehouse

Christmas Coffeehouse is my go-to playlist for studying throughout the month of December. This playlist hosts toned-down, acoustic versions of the most popular Christmas songs and really makes you feel as if you are in your local café!


3.     Christmas Chillout

This playlist offers a different twist on holiday classics – the songs are performed in a unique and ‘chill’ way that gives off a totally different mood than their original versions. Christmas Chillout is one of the most unique holiday albums I have come across and I definitely recommend it to anyone looking to switch it up this holiday season.


4.     Christmas Peaceful Piano

This instrumental playlist offers a host of holiday songs, covered by various pianists. I also go to this playlist when studying, and it’s also a great choice for cooking or baking!



5.     The Best of Pentatonix Christmas

Pentatonix is an acapella group best known for their Christmas songs. Their collection of holiday covers is a great playlist to put on when you are looking to hear many talented vocalists take on Christmas classics.


With the holiday season already upon us, hopefully you will find some inspiration in the playlists above to get in the holiday spirit and enjoy this hectic time of year!


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