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5 Essential School Supplies to Stay On Top This Year

With fall beginning and our course loads finally settling in, we are beginning to adjust to our new routines and gain a better understanding of what essential supplies we need to have when at school. University preparation can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking, which is why these essential school supplies will have you ready to face whatever your day at school brings! So, if you are ready to kick some university butt, keep on reading to learn which 5 school supplies are essential for university. 


1. Satchel Book Bag

Instead of using the average backpack to lug around your textbooks and laptop this semester, try making a fashionable statement by switching to a side swept satchel bag. Using a satchel book bag will portray your prevailing taste while maintaining the effectiveness of a backpack. 


2. Planner/Agenda

Never miss another deadline! Organization and planning is key to staying on top of lecture hours, assignments, and readings. Keeping an agenda in your book bag will give you quick access to your schedule and will give you the opportunity to jot down any important notes. Your agenda will provide you with improved time management, decrease in stress, and will overall help you on your path to success. Plus, you can find some really cute ones to match any style!


3. Headphones

I think we can all relate to the times when we are stuck waiting somewhere; whether class gets cancelled, or we have a two-hour lunch break and our lovely Eastern Time turns to turtle time. At moments like this, anything to make the time go by faster is needed, which is why I recommend keeping headphones in your bag. This gives you the opportunity to listen to your recently added playlist, finish that last episode of Gossip Girl on Netflix, or watch some beauty gurus on YouTube. Just connect to some Wi-Fi and you have your own personal break time! 



4. Highlighters

Every university student has their own set of effective, useful study skills. This being said, I’m sure we have all used a highlighter in order to bring forward certain information. Colourizing your class lecture notes can make all the difference when referring back to your notes when finals come around. Having a highlighter handy is great for emphasizing anything from a date in your agenda to a definition in your textbook. Once you have highlighted key points, this makes the process of studying that much simpler! 



5. Lip Balm

No matter what season it is, chapped lips are never in style. Keeping your lips moisturized and hydrated will help avoid them from drying out and developing a white cast of dryness. Since the skin of your lips is naturally thin, they don’t produce any natural oils which is why adding a moisturizer such as lip balm is key to avoid dehydration. Whether it’s EOS, Burt’s Bees, or Nivea, just toss that lip balm in your book bag and you are set! 



Feel free to add whatever products you believe are essential for your school day that benefit you, and throw some suggestions in the comments. Have a great school year and good luck to you all, HC readers! Xo

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