4 Spots in Windsor You Need to Visit This Summer

While most people from Windsor/Essex County will tell visitors that there are limited activities to do, this area has some great outdoor spots that everyone should visit at least once. If you’re in the area this summer and are looking for something to do, these are all good options to pass the time:

1.     Dairy Freez

Practically everyone from Essex County counts down the days to the late-March annual opening of this ice cream and food hotspot. Located outside of Cottam in Northridge, it is the perfect excuse for a late-night drive for some ice cream. Why all the hype for a rural ice cream spot? Once you go, you’ll understand.


2.     Point Pelee

Famous for being Canada’s southernmost point of land, Point Pelee is a great place for outdoor activity this summer. It features trails, marshland, a boardwalk, and even a beach on Lake Erie. Great for bringing kids and pets, Point Pelee shouldn’t be left off your summer itinerary.

3.     Windsor/Detroit Riverfront

The downtown Windsor/Detroit cityscape is a perfect dusk activity on summer nights; viewing the sunset over the Ambassador Bridge and watching the plethora of buildings light up the night sky can be a great source of entertainment. The waterfront trail spans approximately 25 kilometres, so biking is another good option for taking in the beautiful views.

4.     The Greenway Trails

Renamed the “Chrysler Canada Greenway”, the  50 kilometres of trail that stretch from Kingsville to Harrow to Oldcastle are a perfect place to find yourself this summer. Many segments of the trail cross small streams, and there are large shaded portions -- ideal for the heat of summer months. Stepping into nature on the Greenway Trail will keep you occupied and feeling better this summer.

Many people enjoy taking a break from the daily grind during the summer months, and finding local activities to do will add to your overall experience. If you find yourself in the Windsor/Essex County area in the coming months, these four places are some of the best there are to offer.